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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Webisodes): Tales From the Kryptomites Part 1 (Green), Tales From the Kryptomites Part 2 (Red and Green), Seeing Red (Red), Target Practice (Green), For The Girl Who Has Everything Part 1 (Green), and For The Girl Who Has Everything Part 2 (Green)
Appearances (LEGO Webisodes): Body Building (Rainbow), Need for Speed (Blue), Trading Places (Green), Crazed & Confused (Blue), and Wonder Waitress (Blue)
Appearances (LEGO TV Special): Galactic Wonder (Green, Purple, Yellow, Blue, and Orange)
Powers/Skills: Radiation, Replication, and Above Average Strength
Voiced By: Fred Tatasciore (Green) and Josh Keaton (Red)

Lena Luthor, Barbara Gordon's replacement for Super Hero High School's I.T. specialist, wiped Supergirl's rocket ship clean of some benign Kryptonite dust. Luthor took it back to her lab at the Metropolis Docks for analysis. With an eye dropper, Luthor created her first Kryptomite - a green one. Luthor was about to take a selfie to mark the accomplishment but Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman arrived at her building. While Luthor was busy with getting them to leave, the Kryptomite made a mess and tossed everything over. It found its way outside and followed the girls. Once it got close enough, Supergirl began to weaken. Batgirl tried threw out a grapnel wire but the Kryptomite snapped the rope. It jumped at them. Wonder Woman grabbed a pole at the last second and smashed it to pieces. They walked Supergirl to the Batjet as it started raining. The fragments turned into more Green Kryptomites. Luthor synthesized a Red Kryptomite in her lab and unleashed it. Batgirl and Flash observed the Red Kryptomite affect Steve Trevor, who became angry and smashed everything in sight with his mop.

Green Kryptomites went on a rampage in Metropolis, triggering a Save the Day alarm. Batgirl, Bumblebee, Harley Quinn, Frost, Cyborg, Flash, and Poison Ivy responded while Wonder Woman returned Supergirl to Super Hero High to recover from exposure to Kryptomites. Frost and Ivy noticed one shard under an awning didn't multiply. They realized there was a chemical and biological component to the Kryptomites and returned to the science lab. They came up with an anti-hydroscopic solution that inhibits the crystallization. Frost and Ivy returned to the battle and distrbuted weapons containing the solution. Upon contact, the Kryptomites became inert. Cyborg collected every inert crystal and stored them in a trunk but Harley secretly kept a Red Kryptomite to herself. It soon revived and made everyone at Super Hero High School angry. Starfire was unaffected since she was a Tamaranean. She discovered the Red Kryptomite in Weaponomics and tricked Supergirl into using her X-ray vision to track it.

Starfire was accosted by Harley and Ivy before she could catch the Kryptomite. Starfire used her wits again and tricked Ivy into trying to spray her with the Anti-Kryptomite Chemical. She broke free from Ivy's vines and stood in front of the Kryptomite, flying away at the last second. The Kryptomite was neutralized and everyone returned to normal. Harley had a headache and ran off with the inert Kryptomite without admitting it was all her fault. Starfire tried frisbee for the first time but she accidentally threw it into Lena Luthor's old lab and it knocked over a glass beaker, creating a new Green Kryptomite. It jumped outside onto a puddle, multiplied, and followed Supergirl and Starfire to the Centennial Park. Supergirl tried teaching her the basics but she tossed a disc into a pond and splashed the mites, creating more. She tried less strength and aimed at some trees. The disc bounced off several trees, chopped a trash can, it caught on fire, and hit a patch of long grass where the mites were hiding. Supergirl went looking for the disc but she got carried off by the mites. Starfire used the discs to launch the mites into mid-air. Wonder Woman arrived and captured them with her Lasso. Supergirl thanked Starfire.

Green Kryptomites broke into the Mechanics, Robotics, and Automotive Workshop and attempted to salvage what they could off the vehicles parked inside. They triggered a Save the Day Alarm. Supergirl arrived first but was weakened. Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn rounded up the Kryptomites instead. While under the influence of the Black Mercy, Supergirl faced more green Kryptomites attacking her ship but discovered she was immune to them.

Lena Luthor mastered fusing shards of Kryptomite with robotic technology. She created three new breeds of Kryptomite: Yellow with fear powers, Blue with confusion powers, and Orange with suspicion powers. The Yellow breed was adapted to combat Wonder Woman and left to guard Luthor's Electromagnetic Generator on a pyramid in Egypt. The Blue was designed to confuse the genius of Batgirl and guarded a generator in the Aztec jungle. The Orange was designed to fill the trusting Supergirl with suspicion of others and guard a generator at Stonehenge. Despite being filled with fear, Wonder Woman was able to overcome it by using the Lasso of Truth on herself. By reminding Batgirl and Supergirl of who they were and their natural abilities, they also were able to revert to normal. Eclipso used her Black Diamond to crossbreed with Kryptomites and create a Purple type with the power of hypnosis. They served as her minions on the Moon.

Eclipso sent her Purple Kryptomites to Themyscira to keep the Amazons in line and safeguard Luthor's failsafe Electromagnetic Generator. Wonder Woman and Bumblebee tricked three who piloted hovercraft to crash into a crystalline structure generated by Eclipso's terraforming scheme then tricked the rest of the Purple Kryptomites to fly into each other. They hypnotized each other and the Amazons were lifted from their power. They retreated back to Eclipso's palace. She blamed her failure on them for being terrible minions and threatend to throw them out the airlock. They ganged up on Eclipso and put her in a hypnotic state. Luthor later figured out how to engineer a synthetic pod containing every type of K-radiation. She called it her Rainbow Kryptomite. She believed an army of them would aid her in taking over the world. She took the initiative and made a short film about the Rainbow Kryptomites then airlifted a pod to Super Hero High with her hovercraft. After it finished, Luthor dropped her pod into the fountain outside the school and an army of Rainbow Kryptomites erupted out of it.

Bumblebee, Cyborg, and Batgirl attempted to fight off the Kryptomites alone and failed. They reassembled Batgirl's jet with Cyborg's parts and opened fire on the Kryptomites and Luthor then blew up the fountain to cut off their supply of water. Lena Luthor caught the Flash snooping around in her lab and strapped a Blue Kryptomite on his back. The Blue Kryptomite's confusion powers made Flash run around Metropolis without knowing why. Supergirl tried telling him to slow down but he sped up instead he ran up the Daily Planet and ran the globe off its axis. Wonder Woman stopped the globe and threw into the Metropolis Docks. Bumblebee managed to get on his shoulder but Flash panicked and ran faster. The vibrations he created in the bedrock threatened to collapse the city. They tricked Flash into running atop the Planet's globe. The girls tried to wait out the Flash until he ran out of energy but he kept on running.

Around dusk, Bumblebee was over it and took Batgirl's grapnel gun. She fired at Flash's legs and tripped him up. The Blue Kryptomite bounced off the globe and right into Batgirl's net. Luthor thought she captured Supergirl but was unaware it was Batgirl in disguise and threatened her with a Green Kryptomite. Blue Kryptomites infiltrated Super Hero High and attacked Beast Boy. He was so confused he tried to turn into a turkey sandwich. Wonder Woman lassoed one of them and threw it at Mad Harriet and Harley Quinn. Harriet surrendered and jumped in Batgirl's prison vehicle and challenged Harley to come up with something crazier. Harley wrote a book report about War & Peace. While waiting outside Capes & Cowls Cafe, Krypto found a Blue Kryptomite in a trash can. Supergirl scolded him and ordered him to drop it before it made him confused. Later in the day, Mad Harriet was bopped by the Kryptomite just as she was about to rob the cafe. Instead, she demanded Gorilla Grodd's pies.