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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Webisodes): Tales From the Kryptomites Part 1 (Green), Tales From the Kryptomites Part 2 (Red and Green), and Seeing Red (Red)
Powers/Skills: Radiation, Replication, and Above Average Strength
Voiced By:

Lena Luthor, Barbara Gordon's replacement for Super Hero High School's I.T. specialist, wiped Supergirl's rocket ship clean of some benign Kryptonite dust. Luthor took it back to her lab at the Metropolis Docks for analysis. With an eye dropper, Luthor created her first Kryptomite - a green one. Luthor was about to take a selfie to mark the accomplishment but Supergirl, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman arrived at her building. While Luthor was busy with getting them to leave, the Kryptomite made a mess and tossed everything over. It found its way outside and followed the girls. Once it got close enough, Supergirl began to weaken. Batgirl tried threw out a grapnel wire but the Kryptomite snapped the rope. It jumped at them. Wonder Woman grabbed a pole at the last second and smashed it to pieces. They walked Supergirl to the Batjet as it started raining. The fragments turned into more Green Kryptomites. Luthor synthesized a Red Kryptomite in her lab and unleashed it. Batgirl and Flash observed the Red Kryptomite affect Steve Trevor, who became angry and smashed everything in sight with his mop.

Green Kryptomites went on a rampage in Metropolis, triggering a Save the Day alarm. Batgirl, Bumblebee, Harley Quinn, Frost, Cyborg, Flash, and Poison Ivy responded while Wonder Woman returned Supergirl to Super Hero High to recover from exposure to Kryptomites. Frost and Ivy noticed one shard under an awning didn't multiply. They realized there was a chemical and biological component to the Kryptomites and returned to the science lab. They came up with an anti-hydroscopic solution that inhibits the crystallization. Frost and Ivy returned to the battle and distrbuted weapons containing the solution. Upon contact, the Kryptomites became inert. Cyborg collected every inert crystal and stored them in a trunk but Harley secretly kept a Red Kryptomite to herself. It soon revived and made everyone at Super Hero High School angry. Starfire was unaffected since she was a Tamaranean. She discovered the Red Kryptomite in Weaponomics and tricked Supergirl into using her X-ray vision to track it.

Starfire was accosted by Harley and Ivy before she could catch the Kryptomite. Starfire used her wits again and tricked Ivy into trying to spray her with the Anti-Kryptomite Chemical. She broke free from Ivy's vines and stood in front of the Kryptomite, flying away at the last second. The Kryptomite was neutralized and everyone returned to normal. Harley had a headache and ran off with the inert Kryptomite.