Ghost Crabs

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Novels): Katana at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Invisibility
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Ghost Crabs are the reincarnation of honored samurai warriors slain in battle as recorded in the Heikegani legend. A telltale marking of the Ghost Crabs are the face of a warrior on their shell. The leader is teal blue and brown. The warrior face on its shell looked strong and confident. According to legend, the 100 swords of the warriors were enshrined in an underwater temple called the Temple of Sacred Swords. Decades after the death of Onna-bugeisha Yamashiro, the Ghost Crabs took their swords to the aqueducts under Super Hero High School and led Katana, Yamashiro's granddaughter, to them. Some time later, during Weaponomics, Miss Martian got a telepathic message that "they" were coming. Outside in the hallway, Parasite sighted the Ghost Crabs tried to swat them away with his mop. He was annoyed they ruined the newly cleaned floor. The little scratches left by them lit up red under the ultraviolet light of Batgirl's magnifying glass. After making fencing team captain, Katana followed them through campus to Harmony Garden but they vanished.

The Ghost Crabs continued to be always present yet seldom seen. During Save the Day drills, Katana dove underwater after Parasite. A conch shell floated past and she heard another haiku telling her to prepare for battle then several Ghost Crabs sat on the reef and waived to her. Katana wondered if she really saw the crabs and dreamed about them. The crabs continued to be an annoyance around campus, running around and causing Supers to trip. It was determined they sometimes hanged out at the Harmony Garden but lived underground and came out when the Sun was out. To Miss Martian's surprise, she could read their minds. They warned danger was coming to Super Hero High then disappeared again. Batgirl checked her geographical scanner and confirmed something off the charts created a tsunami in the Chugoku region of Japan near Tottori. She and Supergirl verified the source of the disturbance was Dragon King and his army of 83 genetically enhanced criminals.

The 100 swords appeared out of nowhere. Batgirl believed each sword represented each crab. The crabs prepared for the Dragon King's arrival mentally and physically in the aqueducts under Super Hero High. Katana saw a crab in the corner of her eye. It reminded her of a line from one of the haikus, "Tranquil be the mind." Katana gathered herself, knocked the Dragon King's sword away then sent him into the ground with a flying kick. King thought he saw Onna-bugeisha instead of Katana and begged for forgiveness. She knicked him with her sword and he reverted into his true form of a tiny lizard. The King's army shriveled then the Ghost Crabs chased them away. The crabs lined up and turned into ethereal versions of human Samurai and bowed to Katana. They stated they no longer sought to avenge and only ask for peace and tranquility in their next life. They wanted assurance their swords would be safe from evil and harm and asked Katana for a favor, to accompany the swords back to the Temple to reside in peace for all eternity. They bowed to Katana then turned back into the Ghost Crabs.

The battered swords were bent back into shape by Wonder Woman, soldered by Supergirl's heat vision, hammered by Harley's mallet, and Star Sapphire replaced the lost gems. Katana returned to the spot where she defeated the Dragon King and found a lone crab waiting. It turned into the spirit of Onna-bugeisha and told her she had the Muteki Sword all along. She whispered to her the potential was in the Supers all along and they made the swords stronger, not the other way around.