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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Webisodes): Hero of the Month: Poison Ivy
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Finals Crisis and Hits and Myths
Powers/Skills: Chomping
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Chompy is a venus fly trap brought to life by Poison Ivy in Super Hero High School's greenhouse. Bumblebee got her right foot caught in Chompy's mouth. Ivy summoned vines to put the squeeze on Chompy's mouth and release Bumblebee. Ivy scolded Chompy. Two days before the end of the semester, Ivy used a little too much fertilizer on Chompy and he grew giant sized. Chompy crashed through a wall and spooked Beast Boy and Starfire while they played Go Fish. She was given detention and served it out the next day in the afternoon. Chompy became something of a security system in the greenhouse. Lobo attempted to break in during his search for Etrigan. Chompy immediately attacked him and attempted to eat him. Unaware of what was going on, Chompy was assaulted by Katana, Harley Quinn, and Wonder Woman. Chompy spit Lobo out. Ivy read everyone the riot act. They chased after Lobo and interrogated him. Poison Ivy wrote apologies in the yearbooks of those who suffered Chompy's wrath during the past two semesters.

(Novels only) Some time after Katana saved Super Hero High from the Dragon King, Chompy outgrew his latest pot and caused a huge mess. It took Parasite a full day to clean it up. Ivy got detention for it.