Bitey McPuddin' Face

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Egging On Part 2 and Deja Vu Part 1
Powers/Skills: Above Average Strength and Flight
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Eager to one up Batgirl for once, Harley Quinn placed a Pterodactyl egg in her backpack during a field trip to the Jurassic Era. Without thinking of the damage it would do to the timeline, Harley planned to keep the hatchling as a pet. The mother Pterodactyl returned and noticed an egg was missing. She screamed and a flock of Pterodactyls took off and found the Super Hero High School time machine bus. The girls fought off the Pterodactyls. Beast Boy, as a dinosaur, guided the other dinosaurs into fighting the Pterodactyls. They returned to a present vastly changed from their own. The immortal conqueror Vandal Savage was now in charge of Super Hero High School, renamed Savage High, and planned to take over the world. Harley Quinn eventually found her missing backpack but the egg she stole hatched. After a lengthy search, Harley overheard the Pterodactyl infant screeching in the cafeteria. She fed him Sloppy Joes and named it Bitey McPuddin' Face. The two quickly bonded but Harley knew it belonged in the past and vowed to make sure it returned home.

Harley and Bitey saved Batgirl from Principal Vandal Savage. Bitey attacked Savage while Harley saved Batgirl from falling over the balcony with her telescoping mallet handle. Savage fell over and landed in the bushes. Batgirl was impressed with how much Harley and Bitey hit it off. All of the supers returned to the school bus and Liberty Belle teleported them back to the Jurassic Era. Bitey fell asleep in Harley's arms. She remarked in addition to being cute, he was brave, heroic, and had a bitin' sense of humor. Harley and Batgirl took Bitey back its nest. Harley theorized that one of Bitey's descendants would distract a caveman from checking out a meteor and prevent him from becoming Vandal Savage. After the two mended fences, they observed from afar as Bitey was reunited with its mother.