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Real Identity: Batty
Appearances (Novels): Batgirl at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Flight
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Noah Kuttler chose a tiny baby bat to use to spy on Batgirl as part of his plan to frame her and be remembered as the hero who stopped her. Kuttler placed a microchip on it designed to transmit all of her conversations and log in her computer keystrokes. The bat was placed in a blue shoe box, holes punched on the sides, with Batgirl's name on it then left outside the main entrance to Super Hero High School. Beast Boy delivered it Batgirl. They decided to raise it in secret since there was a no pets policy. Batgirl fashioned a comftorable portable carrier complete with a tiny water dispenser and small camera for Batgirl to monitor through. They settled on naming it Batty. Batgirl kept Batty hidden in her bedroom. Kuttler's ruse was eventually discovered amid the full blown epidemic of HarleyWhams. Katana extracted the computer chip then Batgirl reprogrammed it to serve as a reverse homing device.

Beast Boy disguised himself as Batty and was outfitted. He made his way over a bridge to the suburbs. The microchip and mini camera recorded Kuttler the entire time and transmitted to Commissioner Gordon. Gordon heard all of Kuttler gloating about his plan and headed to his home to arrest him. Batgirl and Beast Boy went up to the Amethyst Tower and released Batty.