Solomon Grundy

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Real Identity: Cyrus Gold
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Finals Crisis and Summer Olympus
Appearances (Webisodes): Hero of the Month: Frost, The Cheetah Who Cried Wolf, Stealth 101 Part 1, Ring Me Maybe Part 1, Ring Me Maybe Part 2, and Ha-Ha Horticulture
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (Comics): Harley & Batgirl's Excellent Adventure Part 2, Deja Vu Part 2, and Gimme a Summer Break
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Fred Tatasciore

Solomon Grundy is a zombie super villain driven by an urge to steal. On a June 15 in the late 1980s, Grundy terrorized Metropolis. He came across a young woman named Amanda Waller and chased after her. Batgirl and Harley Quinn emerged from their Time Machine school bus and fought him. Waller was amazed to see real-life superheroes. She grabbed a trash can lid and helped them defeat Grundy. Waller thanked the girls and told them to call her Amanda. Grundy became one of the villains used for cardboard targets at Super Hero High School. Frost once battled Grundy at a construction site. He shattered her frost bridge with a girder but Frost flipped and tossed several icicles at him. Upon impact, they spread across his body and affixed him to a wall. The last one landed on and covered his mouth.

Grundy heard it was open mic night at the senior center and wanted to recite a poem. Naturally, it was assumed he was attacking the center. As seniors fled the building, Cheetah arrived alone since no one believed her. Cheetah grabbed a big ball of yarn from a sleeping woman and tied up Grundy. Grundy explained why he was at the center. Cheetah released him and he ran off. On the day before final exams, Grundy robbed a downtown branch of Metropolis Bank on Javins Avenue and Holzherr. Harley Quinn happened to be outside the bank in search of her missing friends and classmates Wonder Woman, Batgirl, Supergirl, Poison Ivy, Bumblebee, and Katana. She was irritated with the bank alarm and threw a glitter bomb at Grundy. She threatened to throw another and demanded to know where her friends were. Grundy didn't know what she was talking about and stated he just wanted to rob the bank. Harley noticed vines around the bank and realized Ivy had been there. She continued with her search.

Grundy's sleep was distrubed one night by Batgirl and Poison Ivy while they field tested their stealth suits for one of Crazy Quilt's projects. Ivy impulsively threw her hat at him. At the start of summer break, Grundy was captured by Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, and Bumblebee. Grundy battled Green Lantern Hal Jordan on a roof top near S.T.A.R. Labs one night. Jordan taunted him for saying "Solomon Grundy. Born on a Monday" yet again and told him he needed new material. Jordan dodged Grundy's attacks then flew over the roof after Grundy did an overhead slam on the roof. Grundy looked over the edge but Jordan flew back up. He fired dart constructs but Grundy ran for it. Jordan created an arm construct and extended it to grab Grundy. Footage of the fight was played at Jordan's going away party in Capes & Cowls Cafe. Grundy interrupted the party intent on getting revenge on him. He spotted a Super Food Cake on the counter and went for it. Starfire fired a Starbolt into his face then Supergirl fired heat vision at the counter.

Lois Lane's cameragirl, Jessica Cruz, kept recording from her hiding spot under a table. Star Sapphire wrapped him up then Batgirl swung across and kicked him from behind. The Flash ran around him and spun him. Wonder Woman captured him with her Lasso of Truth and he dropped to the floor. Jordan proclaimed Earth was safe without him and helped Cruz up. Batgirl walked Grundy into the back of her Batty Wagon which was later flipped several times by Sinestro's giant broom contruct. Grundy dwelled in a swamp but got hungry. He sighted Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy driving around on the Harley Quad. He decided to try and eat them. Harley was more concerned with her quad's new paint job and pushed a button. A spring loaded punching glove knocked Grundy off. Ivy spotted the Rise and Shine Orchids she was searching for but Grundy rose from a pond enraged. He leaped at them. Ivy summoned a vine that grabbed his mid-section and dragged him but he resisted. More vines grabbed his arms and legs and laid him flat on the ground.