Silver Swan

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Real Identity: Vanessa Kapatelis
Affiliations: Krazy Karnival
Appearances (Novels): Harley Quinn at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Flight and Sound Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Silver Swan, known for her white wings and silver hair, was unemployed until Jervis Tetch hired her for his Krazy Karnival amusement park. She didn't think much of his request for all the workers to wear one of his "Krazy" Hats and they fell under the influence of his mind control technology. After the High Tech Bubble Machine encased the carnival in a barrier, Swan abandoned her post at the Tunnel of Love. She soon battled Wonder Woman and let out a powerful sonic wave that made her Lasso of Truth snap back. She taunted Wonder Woman by pirouetting then flew into the Tunnel of Love. Wonder Woman followed and left with her tied up.