Prisoner #24602

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Comics): Zone In and Breaking Out
Powers/Skills: Flight and Laser Emission
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Prisoner #24602 is a criminal imprisoned in the Phantom Zone and looks like a giant eyeball. A little over three minutes into their arrival, #24602 addressed Star Sapphire, Big Barda, Green Lantern Jessica Cruz, and Beast Boy as "fresh meat" and offered to give them the traditional Phantom Zone welcome -- battle royale style. They ran for it with #24602 in hot pursuit. It fired lasers at them as it savored the chase. Beast Boy took some blasts to his butt. Barda tried hitting its side with a Mega Rod but it shrugged it off. Barda leaped over a laser and took a swing from the top and split it in half.