Mrs. Clayface

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Real Identity: Sondra Fuller
Appearances (Webisodes): Hawkgirl's Day Off, Techless Tuesday, and Fish Out of Water Part 1
Appearances (Comics): One-Hit Wonder Woman (comic only)
Powers/Skills: Shape Shifting, Regeneration, and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

Mrs. Clayface is the wife of Clayface but isn't currently considered a wanted criminal herself. She is a regular customer at SuperSpa. While relaxing at their mud bath, she was disturbed by Hawkgirl. Hawkgirl thought she was committing a crime and threw a kick. She ducked and shoved Hawkgirl into the front desk. Hawkgirl returned and punched her to pieces. Mrs. Clayface fled into the steam room then tried to throw a hot stone at Hawkgirl. Hawkgirl caught it right away and threw it. Mrs. Clayface slipped on it and fell into the mud bath. Hawkgirl dove in and got her in a headlock. A SuperSpa employee explained Mrs. Clayface was a regular. Hawkgirl released her and she continued with relaxing in the mud. Wonder Woman used Mrs. Clayface as one of the villains in her comic book project for June Moone's art class. In the comic, Wonder Woman took Mrs. Clayface out with an uppercut.

Mrs. Clayface couldn't stand being apart from her husband any longer and came up with a plan to steal Batgirl's gear to break him out of Arkham Asylum. She infiltrated Super Hero High School with her shapeshifting powers. She posed as Wildcat for P.E. class and confiscated Batgirl's grapnel gun on grounds the class frowned on gear. As Red Tornado, she confiscated the Batjet and revoked Batgirl's Flyer's License on the grounds she flew 282 in a 280 zone. She posed as Commissioner Gordon and took Batgirl's gauntlets for texting during Forensics class. Lastly, as Waller, she gathered all of the confiscated gear and directed Batgirl to fill out paperwork for each piece she wanted back. Batgirl sulked at her locker, drawing the attention of the real Principal Waller. Batgirl realized something was up and ran to the Batjet. Mrs. Clayface quickly started up the Batjet but didn't have its controls down, allowing Batgirl the chance to jump on. Clayface searched for the windshield wipers. After hitting the air conditioning and radio, she found the wipers.

Batgirl was pushed off the hood but she held onto a wing and climbed back. She opened the hatch, got in, and fought for the wheel. As they approached two buildings, Batgirl turned the jet sideways to avoid a crash then turned the jet upside down. Mrs. Clayface nearly fell out but clung to the hatch. Batgirl spared her and swung the jet back and she landed in the back seat. The jet's fuel was depleted and the jet landed in a park. Mrs. Clayface gloated and declared Batgirl wasn't so super without her gear and jet. She fashioned her hands into a mallet and mace. Batgirl made her way atop a lightpole then retorted she didn't need them to defeat her. Mrs. Clayface extended her arm and broke the light's glass dome. Batgirl leaped at her but Clayface receded her chest and she flew through. She charged but Batgirl jumped and Mrs. Clayface landed in a fountain. Batgirl kicked the light pole into the fountain and Mrs. Clayface was electrocuted. Batgirl declared she wouldn't be apart from Clayface anymore because she was going to join him at Arkham.

Mrs. Clayface stole three purses in the evening and was chased through Centennial Park by Mera, Katana, Harley Quinn, and Batgirl. They surrounded her at a fountain. She extended her arms and shoved Batgirl and Harley to the ground. Katana stomped her head and sliced her right arm off but she easily reconnected it. Mera tried to help by projecting the fountain water into Mrs. Clayface but it only made her bigger. She then swatted Katana into the bushes and escaped into the sewers with the purses.