Mrs. Clayface

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Real Identity: Sondra Fuller
Appearances (Webisodes): Hawkgirl's Day Off
Appearances (Comics): One-Hit Wonder Woman (comic only)
Powers/Skills: Shape Shifting, Regeneration, and Enhanced Strength
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

Mrs. Clayface is the wife of Clayface but isn't currently considered a wanted criminal herself. She is a regular customer at SuperSpa. While relaxing at their mud bath, she was disturbed by Hawkgirl. Hawkgirl thought she was committing a crime and threw a kick. She ducked and shoved Hawkgirl into the front desk. Hawkgirl returned and punched her to pieces. Mrs. Clayface fled into the steam room then tried to throw a hot stone at Hawkgirl. Hawkgirl caught it right away and threw it. Mrs. Clayface slipped on it and fell into the mud bath. Hawkgirl dove in and got her in a headlock. A SuperSpa employee explained Mrs. Clayface was a regular. Hawkgirl released her and she continued with relaxing in the mud. Wonder Woman used Mrs. Clayface as one of the villains in her comic book project for June Moone's art class. In the comic, Wonder Woman took Mrs. Clayface out with an uppercut.