Mirror Master

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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliations: Krazy Karnival
Appearances (Novels): Harley Quinn at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Mirror Technology
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Mirror Master is a criminal with ultra advanced mirror technology that gives him control of reflections and mirror images. Master's main device is an equalizer. He can also use it to create holograms under his control. Under the Mad Hatter's sway, Mirror Master came with an idea and anonymously sent a hand mirror as fan mail to Harley. He image mapped all of her movements, quirks, and words for the speech bank of Fake Harley, his hologram of the super. The hologram would aid Mad Hatter in his take over of her Harley's Quintessentials web channel. He also used it on the mind controlled Green Team and made holograms in triplicate as they robbed Metropolis. Harley confronted him in the Krazy Karnival's House of Mirrors and boasted. He was so focused on her, he didn't notice Batgirl and Flash. Flash grabbed the equalizer then Batgirl reprogrammed it. The Fake Harley vanished. Flash wrapped up Master in carnival lights. Once his sailor hat was removed, Master had no memory of what happened and stated he didn't work for anyone. He told them to stop asking questions and asked for aspirin as they led him to Lost and Found.