Mad Hatter

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Real Identity: Jervis Tetch
Appearances (Comics): State of the Martial Art (Comic only)
Powers/Skills: Engineering
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Mad Hatter was the villain featured in Katana's comic book project for Ms. Moone's art class. He stole Crazy Quilt's spring collection from The Trendies, Metropolis' biggest fashion award show. Supergirl, Batgirl, and Beast Boy gave chase but Hatter threw out his razor blade hat and stopped them in their tracks by ruining their hair cuts. As part of his evil plan, they would be forced to buy hats from him. Katana arrived and sliced his hat in half then laid a hat pun on him. She drop kicked him. Hatter regretted trying to take her on. Katana palmed him in the chest. She threw out hats to Supergirl, Batgirl, and Beast Boy then went off to return the collection to Quilt. Supergirl didn't think Hatter's hat would work on her hair and asked Katana to change that part in the comic. Harley Quinn speculated it could have been a Kryptonite blade.