Lex Luthor

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Real Identity: Lex Luthor
Appearances (Comics): Free Comic Book Day Edition 2016
Appearances (Graphic Novels): Finals Crisis
Powers/Skills: Augmented Physical Attributes, Planning, and Strategy
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Lex Luthor is a teenager who only wanted his younger sister to succeed in life and become the world's greatest super. She applied for Super Hero High School but was rejected after failing the psych test. She took it really hard. He blamed Super Hero High. He rationalized if he removed the top students from the school's roster, Super Hero High would become so desperate for new students that they would accept his sister. She was unaware of his plans. He utilized a suit she built equipped with stealth technology, endowed its user with high speed, reactive movements, and included infrared night goggles. For his first mission, Luthor vowed to take down the top supers in Metropolis.

Lex Luthor targeted Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, Katana, Poison Ivy and Batgirl the day before final exams at Super Hero High School. He waited just outside campus for Supergirl. When she flew over, Luthor shot a Kryptonite arrow at Supergirl and rendered her unconscious. He infiltrated the campus and left an advertisement, for a mega sale promoting 50% off all radioactively enhanced super-grow fertilizer, on the door knob of the greenhouse. Poison Ivy fell for it and walked to the Lexcorp Garden Supply. Luthor planted a trap invented by his sister, that he called the Smell-Lure, in Metropolis.

While flying back to campus from Capes & Cowls Cafe, Bumblebee fell prey to Luthor's trap. She smelled honey cookies, honey cake, and honey latte. Unable to resist she flew down into an alley. Luthor fired a grapnel line and pulled the battery from the back of her super suit. He ensnared Bumblebee in a net and carried her away. He then used his suit's stealth technology to infiltrate Super Hero High again. Just as Katana returned a newly repaired bowling trophy to Principal Waller's office, Luthor managed to sneak up behind her and took her sword away. The suit's high speed, reactive movement allowed to easily defend against and defeat her. He dumped her in a Lexcorp van and drove away. He let her choose which radio station, country or smooth jazz. He went with smooth jazz. Back at the store, Luthor locked the door behind Ivy. As she dodged his laser blast, Ivy realized the property was sanitized and nothing was growing not even fungus. She threw the cash register but he swatted it aside. He fired a rope and captured her.

After 8 pm, Wonder Woman thought she heard Steve Trevor calling out for help. She landed outside the Lexcorp Garden Supply and found a recorder. Luthor grabbed the Lasso of Truth and tied Wonder Woman up with it. Luthor found Batgirl's Batcave on Super Hero High campus and ambushed her when she arrived to get some studying done. Luthor was surprised to see a girl dressed like a harlequinn outside the garden supply and realized she was Harley Quinn. He was surprised Harley found him and opened a trap door under her. She fell right into the Kryptonite powered prison where Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Katana, and Bumblebee were being held. Luthor removed his helmet and formally introduced himself but the girls had no idea who he was. At 11:52 pm, he started streaming a new video blog entry to his fans. He started with a shout out to his little sister. The girls took stock of what gear they still had. Batgirl went to work on a power amplifier for Poison Ivy so she could communicate with plants outside of the building. Hours later, Ivy summoned a vine to remove the Kryptonite from its receptacle.

At 8:52 am, the girls took on Luthor as a team. Bumblebee shrank, entered Luthor's suit through a chest plate, and opened fire. They dumped him in the prison cell. Batgirl instructed Oracle to alert the Metropolis Special Crimes Unit of a villain pick up. Luthor vowed his sister would exact revenge on them. With only a minute to spare, the girls raced back to campus to take their final exam. However, Principal Waller refused to allow them. It was after 9 am. They tried to explain what happened by Waller was adamant. Lois Lane stumbled upon Luthor's video blog and passed it on to Batgirl. Batgirl showed Waller the video. Like an exam, it showed her they all improved their powers since starting out at Super Hero High and worked together as a team. Waller agreed and passed them but gave them three weeks of detention for breaking various rules the day before.