King Shark

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Real Identity: Nanaue
Affiliations: Animilitia
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Appearances (Webisodes): The Ultimate Accessory, Day of Fun-Ship, Pets Peeved Part 1, and Pets Peeved Part 2
Appearances (Novels): Katana at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Kevin Michael Richardson

King Shark came from the depths of the ocean and had big plans for taking over Metropolis. Luckily, Bumblebee's tech and Harley Quinn's mallet defeated Shark. During a Weaponomics midterm, Bumblebee demonstrated her hi-tech accessories at the Metropolis Docks in an actual battle against King Shark. He resorted to throwing captured fish and hit Lucius Fox. He then smashed the crates Fox and Bumblebee were taking cover behind. Harley bouncing off his head with Bumblebee's Boing Boots then tricked him into charging into a row of crates. Katana fought him sword to mouth. He managed to wrestle the sword away but Katana retrieved it with Bumblebee's Weapon Homing Device. King Shark picked up an anchor but Miss Martian used Bumblebee's Heat Vision Enhancing Glasses and superheated the anchor. Shark dropped it on one of his feet and hopped in pain. Bumblebee nailed him with a supercharged shot of her sonic blasts. She, Harley, and Miss Martian got Shark into position. Up above, Katana severed the line holding up a shipping container and it dropped on Shark. Shark struggled to stand and lift the container up. Bumblebee paused mid-speech and zapped him again. Shark winced and the container smashed him again.

King Shark scared some civilians at the Centennial Park Zoo in the aquarium area. He punched his fist into fish tank and tried to grab some fish for dinner. Starfire and Blackfire happened to be there, too, and blasted him with starbolts. He tried to take Blackfire for dinner but Starfire punched him in the nose then tricked him into running into a cardboard standee of a mermaid. He ripped it apart. Starfire remembered a nursery rhyme from their childhood. They grabbed some vines and flew around Shark as they sang. Shark was immobilized, dizzy and fell over. Killer Moth, Killer Croc, Lion-Mane, and King Shark formed a super villain team named the Animilitia. They broke into the Centennial Park Zoo and modified a cage to hold supers. Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, Supergirl, Batgirl, Katana, and Harley Quinn responded to the Save the Day alarm. King Shark ripped a gate out and battled Katana. She jumped atop it and used her sword to disarm him. He charged but Katana kicked him onto his back. The supers followed a robot red herring into a modified cage and were trapped.

King Shark and Killer Croc started rounding up citizens in the city. Silver St. Cloud was outraged to be ejected from Metropolis and brought up she was famous. Croc wasn't having it and stated all humans had to leave then shoved her from the back. The Super Pets watched from an alley then hid behind and in the dumpster and trash cans. Jumpa's tail knocked a can over by mistake. King heard something and Croc went to investigate but all he saw were two dogs fighting over a bone. He left and rejoined King. Krypto and Ace suited back up. King Shark ran into the zoo but Krypto tackled him then licked him. He was grossed out. On Career Day at Super Hero High, King Shark went on a rampage and might have broken the Lady Justice statue.

(Novels only) King Shark went on a crime spree with Killer Croc that lasted weeks. They tried to rob Capes & Cowls Cafe. Croc grilled Steve Trevor for money while Shark ate everyone's lunches. Not believing Trevor's claim all the money was in a safe, Croc summoned Shark. Shark finished a peach pie then threw a table across the room. Wonder Woman grabbed it with her Lasso of Truth just before the table hit a boy from Metropolis High then swung it back at Shark. It left a huge bump on the side of his face. Shark lunged at Supergirl but she flew out of the way and he bit Cyborg's metal arm instead. He rubbed his aching jaw then Frost froze him to the jukebox. Beast Boy turned into a polar bear and stood guard until the Special Crimes Unit placed him in mega-strength restraints.