Killer Moth

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Real Identity: Drury Walker
Appearances (Webisodes): Batnapped
Appearances (Novels): Batgirl at Super Hero High
Appearances (LEGO): Trading Places
Appearances (Comics): Friends in High Places and Gimme a Summer Break
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Technology and Piloting
Voiced By: Phil LaMarr

Killer Moth is a rather unsuccessful supervillain with an assortment of gadgets and vehicles inspired by the moth. He once attacked the Mr. Luna's Auto Village and Car Wash and wrapped cars up in cocoons with the drivers trapped inside. Barbara Gordon happened to be nearby. She reprogrammed the car wash so that she could access it through her phone. Moth was dragged through the first cycle and hit by gallons of water from every direction. He began to focus on Batgirl and wanted her to be his new partner in crime. He even thought of a team name, the Creatures of the Night, and got matching jackets and mugs. He attacked the Batjet in his Mothjet until it suffered an emergency system malfunction. He retrieved Batgirl, placed her in a cocoon, and took her to his hideout. When she came to, Moth made his offer to her and asked if she was a size medium for the jacket. He then demonstrated their theme song and wanted her to sing with him but Supergirl arrived in her rocketship after tracking Batgirl's homing tech.

Supergirl used her heat vision and freed Batgirl. Moth, in a last ditch effort, presented matching mugs. Batgirl tied him up and declared she already had a partner, Supergirl. He was dismayed they had a secret handshake and were super best friends. They alerted the Special Crimes Unit and left. At the start of summer break, Moth tried to put Metropolis in a cocoon but Batgirl stopped him. While he sat in a Special Crimes Unit van, Moth remarked he and Batgirl had a real spark when she stopped his evil plan. Batgirl reminded him he had the right to remain silent.

Killer Moth and Lena Luthor teamed up after she finished a machine that could take away supers' powers. She plotted to use it on Super Hero High. Batgirl disguised herself as Supergirl and attempted to infiltrate Luthor's lab but she was quickly caught. Luthor demanded to know all the supers' weaknesses so she could finish her machine. Batgirl informed Luthor and Moth that Wonder Woman had a ticklish left elbow and Bumblebee was allergic to otters. While they conferred in private, Batgirl used her concealed rocket pack to burn through her bonds and turn off the machine. The real Supergirl arrived and destroyed the machine. Batgirl tied up Luthor, Moth, and a Green Kryptomite. Supergirl used Killer Moth as the villain in her comic book project for June Moone's art class. In the story, Killer Moth tried to steal Steve Trevor's delivery of Superfood Cakes. The cakes happened to be intended for Batgirl and Supergirl. They arrived and destroyed his Mothjet with their pets' superpowers then summoned butterflies with their might of maximum friendship and the swarm carried Moth away.