Killer Moth

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Real Identity: Drury Walker
Appearances (Webisodes): Batnapped
Powers/Skills: Knowledge of Technology and Piloting
Voiced By: Phil LaMarr

Killer Moth is a rather unsuccessful supervillain with an assortment of gadgets and vehicles inspired by the moth. He began to focus on Batgirl and wanted her to be his new partner in crime. He even thought of a team name, the Creatures of the Night, and got matching jackets and mugs. He attacked the Batjet in his Mothjet until it suffered an emergency system malfunction. He retrieved Batgirl, placed her in a cocoon, and took her to his hideout. When she came to, Moth made his offer to her and asked if she was a size medium for the jacket. He then demonstrated their theme song and wanted her to sing with him but Supergirl arrived in her rocketship after tracking Batgirl's homing tech. She used her heat vision and freed Batgirl. Moth, in a last ditch effort, presented matching mugs. Batgirl tied him up and declared she already had a partner, Supergirl. He was dismayed they had a secret handshake and were super best friends. They alerted the Special Crimes Unit and left.