Granny Goodness

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Real Identity: Granny Goodness
Affiliations: Apokolips Magnet
Appearances (TV Specials): Super Hero High
Appearances (Webisodes): Hero of the Month: Supergirl
Appearances (Novels): Supergirl at Super Hero High
Appearances (Books): Super Hero High School Yearbook
Powers/Skills: Infiltration, Planning, Engineering, Unarmed Combat, and Armed Combat
Voiced By: April Stewart

Granny Goodness is an agent of Darkseid, ruler of Apokolips, and headmaster of Apokolips Magnet. She was an orphan who came from a poor family and many looked down on her until the day someone looked past her meager upbringing, took her in, and raised her. As Granny Goodness, she used the Boom Tubes and come and go to Earth as she pleased to recruit young supers to be in Darkseid's army. She became fond of lonely naive orphans who were trying to find their place in the world. There is a tale that a Parademon once got separated from Granny and crossed six lakes of fire to get back to her. Some say it was loyalty, others believe the Parademon chose the scorching than to suffer her wrath for not returning. After Principal Waller sealed off the Boom Tubes, Granny infiltrated the ranks of the Super Hero High School faculty and became the head librarian. Granny also managed to keep her pet Parademon Perry a secret. She used her Mother Box to send encrypted messages off Earth and sent Perry to break into the Boom Tube room.

Granny needed to boom her Female Furies to Earth and aid her plans. She and the Furies would force their way to the Amethyst. The Mother Box would channel its energy and charge them up. Granny would then send out a brainwashing frequency and take over the minds of Super Hero High's faculty and students. They would pave the way for another invasion attempt by Darkseid. Perry failed every attempt. Three weeks later, Granny observed Supergirl's super strength when she crashed into the cafeteria on her first day and managed to break super proof steel. An addition to her plan began to form. In need of help getting up to speed on being a superhero, Supergirl asked Barbara Gordon for help. Gordon took her to the library and explained the situation to Granny. Granny picked out of lot of books for her to read, including Liberty Belle's "Unabridged History of Heroes." She gave them both a cookie. Still unable to figure out how to brainwash Vice Principal Grodd, Granny had a piece of bamboo, Grodd's preferred snack, planted near the Boom Tube room.

The Metropolis Junior Detective Society took the bait and began to suspect Grodd. While Hawkgirl conducted research in the library for suspects, Granny handed her a copy of "The Super-Villain Compendium" with some sections marked. The Compendium happened to be opened up to Gorilla Grodd's section. The society presented their findings to Principal Waller. All according to Granny's plans, Waller suspended Grodd's security clearance during her review and Grodd angrily quit instead. After Supergirl made a mistake during a Save the Day response against Giganta and tagged Bumblebee in the leg with heat vision, she hurt some of her other friends with a high powered scream. She flew back to Super Hero High with the intent to run away to Korugar Academy. Supergirl returned her checked out books to Granny. Granny seized on Supergirl's vulnerable state and suggested she use a Boom Tube instead of waiting for the next ship off Earth.

She implored her to use her super strength to get into the room and introduced her to Perry. Granny promised to keep Supergirl's use of the tube a secret and look the room up before anyone noticed if she promised to keep Perry a secret. Supergirl fell for it and pulled the doors off. Perry disabled the security alarm. Instead of opening the tube to Korugar, Granny opened the one to Apokolips. The Female Furies came through. Big Barda easily neutralized Supergirl with Kryptonite. Granny, however, ordered Barda to spare Supergirl. She believed Supergirl would make a fine addition to their army. They returned to the library, where Granny changed into her Apokoliptian outfit and retrieved her Mother Box. She had Perry plant the box on the Amethyst. It channeled the Amethyst's powers and super charged them. They then stormed Waller's office and placed her under hypnosis. Granny addressed everyone on the p.a. system and unleashed a brainwashing frequency, placing almost everyone in a trance state.

Barbara Gordon found Supergirl and retreated to her office. Gordon quickly built a De-Trancer to counteract the Mother Box and frequency shields that doubled as earrings. Supergirl convinced Gordon to suit up as Batgirl and help her take the school back. Batgirl realized she could use the Amethyst to amplify her De-Trancer as well. It worked and everyone was released from Granny's hold. Granny ordered the Furies to attack while she made a move for the Amethyst. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl opposed her. Wonder Woman lassoed Perry and caused him to split into a bunch of clumsy tiny duplicates. Granny wasn't so easily defeated and dodged Wonder Woman's attack then slammed her to the ground. She threatened to detonate her Granny Grenade and destroy all of Super Hero High. Batgirl grappled her leg and reminded Supergirl that Granny couldn't break super proof steel. Supergirl grabbed a pole and wrapped Granny around a tree. Wonder Woman secured the grenade and Supergirl flew it up into the sky to safely detonate.

Granny was relieved to learn she, the Furies, and Perrys were being sent to Belle Reve Penitentiary and Juvenile Detention Center and not Florida. Vice Principal Grodd picked up Granny and the Furies and tossed them into the Boom Tube to Belle Reve then threw the Perrys. A ceremony was held to honor those who defended the school with valor. Granny's defeat also led to Supergirl being awarded Hero of the Month.