General Zod

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Real Identity: General Zod
Appearances (Comics): Stay Calm, Krypton, Planet of the Bots, Zone In, Breaking Out, Light The Way Home, Fight and Space Flight, and The Final Frontier
Powers/Skills: Heat Vision, Enhanced Strength, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

General Zod is a Kryptonian military official. He administered the committee that selected youths to participate in the colonizer program to rebuild Kryptonian civilization on other planets after the government realized Krypton was doomed. After an interview with Kara Zor-El, Zod couldn't wait to tell Zor-El his daughter was selected and referred to him a loser. Zod became aware of Zor-El and Faora defying the law and creating their Groundbreaker for Kara. He waited and stole it when it was finished. After Zod's ship left Krypton, it was never heard from again. His decree that no one else leave the planet was followed by everyone.

Years later, Zod reappeared on Oa with Non and Faora with Kryptonian Terraformer Robots. They banished the Green Lantern Corps into the Phantom Zone. Coincidentally, Jessica Cruz got a summons to visit Oa for an official ceremony. Supergirl, Big Barda, Beast Boy, and Star Sapphire accompanied her. The robots attacked all but Supergirl. Zod mistook them as her captors who were preventing her from leaving Earth. Supergirl cleared things up. Zod apologized and deemed them friends then welcomed them to New Krypton. He explained the Lanterns heard of his plight to build a new Krypton and agreed to give Oa to fulfill their quest. Zod asked Non to escort Beast Boy, Big Barda, Star Sapphire, and Green Lantern to the New Krypton Visitors' Center while he and Faora talked with Supergirl. Zod promised New Krypton would be everything she loved about home but emphasized they needed her to help them to make that dream a reality. Supergirl was eager to assist. Zod held out the Groundbreaker and revealed she held the key for it. She recognized it as her parents' terraforming invention but didn't know anything about a key.

Supergirl wanted to bring her friends and share dinner but Zod lied and said they were brought Earth food in their chambers. Supergirl insisted but Zod forbid her. He reminded her she was the last daughter of Krypton and must believe in their "Krypton First" creed. Supergirl didn't agree they were better than everyone else. Zod stated she was subject to Kryptonian laws then commanded her to forget about her time on Earth and dedicate herself to them. Faora lied and added it was what Supergirl's parents would have wanted. Supergirl refused to obey and demanded her friends. Zod had her imprisoned in Kryptonite. He concluded her Mnemosyne Crystal was the key as it was exactly the kind of sentiment he expected from Zor-El and Alura. He decided to test the Groundbreaker on the Green Lantern Central Power Battery then ordered Non to command the terraformer robots to stop Supergirl's rescue party with any force necessary. The robots failed but Zod was focused on activating the Groundbreaker. Supergirl and Krypto opposed them atop the battery.

Zod couldn't believe Supergirl sided with their inferiors. Supergirl stated they weren't and everyone was the same. Zod drop kicked her and declared she would perish with them. Zod and Supergirl made a run for the Groundbreaker. He fired his heat vision at her but Krypto took the hit and fell off the edge. As Faora searched for the crystal, Zod berated Supergirl and called her parents cowards then admitted to stealing the Groundbreaker from them. Faora found the crystal and Zod inserted it into the Groundbreaker. It activated. Zod was suddenly snatched up in the mouth of a giant dinosaur construct created by Green Lantern Jessica Cruz. He demanded to be released. Cruz complied then tossed him. Zod, Faora, and Non were sent to the Phantom Zone to serve a life sentence for crimes against the Green Lanterns.