General Gorilla

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Webisodes): Gorilla Warfare
Powers/Skills: Above Average Strength and Agility
Voiced By: Khary Payton

Growing concerned with Gorilla Grodd's absence from Gorilla City, a team was dispatched to Super Hero High School to rescue him. Led by a general, the gorillas found Grodd in the school's gym and carried him away. The supers thought it was another of Coach Wildcat's drills until Red Tornado, in a gorilla costume, asked if it was time yet for him to appear. Wildcat realized it was a real kidnapping but the supers thought it was a "pretend we're not doing a drill" drill. The general told Grodd they came to rescue him and return him to Gorilla City as rightful ruler. He was surprised to learn Grodd was vice principal. Grodd tried to tell him he wasn't a super villain anymore. The general concluded he was brainwashed. While the fight raged on, the general tried to usher Grodd outside but he lost his temper and yelled at them to listen. The gorillas kneeled before Grodd. Grodd explained he never returned to Gorilla City because he thought it'd be weird and they would want to take over Metropolis. The general insisted they didn't have to take anything over and they could just hang out. They simply missed Grodd. Grodd promised to attend the next Bamboo Festival then angrily gave the supers detention. He and the general laughed at their expense.