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Real Identity: Garfield Lynns
Appearances (Webisodes): Cold Blooded, Stealth 101 Part 1, Fish Out of Water Part 1, and Fish Out of Water Part 2
Powers/Skills: Flight
Voiced By: Khary Payton

Firefly is an arsonist for hire. He based his suit on firefies and uses a custom jet pack and wings. He kidnapped a man and led a helicopter on an aerial pursuit through Metropolis. He refused release to his hostage and mocked the police's demands. Wonder Woman, Starfire, Lady Shiva, and Frost waited on roof tops and planned to cut him off. Frost had a cold and sneezed, freezing the helicopter, Firefly, and the hostage. Starfire caught Firefly and the hostage while Wonder Woman caught the helicopter. They went to work defrosting them while Lady Shiva sidelined Frost and told her to go to bed. Batgirl and Poison Ivy encountered Firefly while testing their stealth suits at night in the city. The encounter took to the skies. Batgirl held Firefly in a headlock while Ivy hanged by vines wrapped around his legs.

Firefly came up with a scheme to utilize Miss Martian's mind control powers and chased her through the Metropolis Docks one evening. Unable to combat the Martian's natural weakness of fire, she could only hide within the maze of cargo and eventually turned invisible. Mera happened to be at the docks with Stormy and vowed to help her. Firefly found them and opened fire. Mera played coy about who Miss Martian was. Firefly ordered her out of his way and fired. She dodged the fire and countered with a turrent of water, slamming Firefly against a container. He tried to force Miss Martian out by throwing several smoke bombs. Miss Martian came to the aid of a trapped dock worker and carried him to safety. Firefly cut her off and demanded her compliance. Miss Martian refused. Suddenly a giant standing tidal wave rose up. Mera and Stormy appeared atop it. Firefly prepared to fire at her but Mera attacked first and blasted him through several containers. He was knocked out.