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Real Identity: Faora
Appearances (Comics): Stay Calm, Krypton, Planet of the Bots, Zone In, Breaking Out, Light The Way Home, Fight and Space Flight, and The Final Frontier
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Faora is a Kryptonian and an associate of General Zod. She helped him with selecting youths to participate in the colonizer program to rebuild Kryptonian civilization on other planets after the government realized Krypton was doomed. After an interview with Kara Zor-El, Faora referred to her parents as the "mad scientists" and didn't think she had a chance.

Years later, Zod reappeared on Oa with Non and Faora with Kryptonian Terraformer Robots. Coincidentally, Jessica Cruz was due to visit Oa for an official ceremony. Supergirl, Big Barda, Beast Boy, and Star Sapphire accompanied her. The robots attacked all but Supergirl. Faora pretended to be elated for the reunion with Supergirl but told her only she, Zod, and Non survived. She then lied and told Supergirl she was always at the top of their list and her parents refused to let her participate in the colonizer program. Supergirl didn't understand why Faora referred to Oa as "home." Supergirl released her friends and cleared up the confusion. Zod apologized and deemed them friends then welcomed them to New Krypton. He explained the Lanterns heard of his plight to build a new Krypton and agreed to give Oa to fulfill their quest. Zod asked Non to escort Beast Boy, Big Barda, Star Sapphire, and Green Lantern to the New Krypton Visitors' Center while he and Faora talked with Supergirl.

Zod presented the Groundbreaker. Supergirl recognized it as her parents' terraforming invention but she didn't anything about the key to activate it. Faora suggested a Kryptonian feast might jog her memory and ordered Non to bring in the cart. Supergirl wanted to bring her friends to dinner but Zod forbid her. Faora explaind she had her own kind now and didn't need common Earthlings. Zod commanded Supergirl to dedicate herself to their "Krypton First" creed. Faora stated it was what her parents would have wanted. Supergirl refused and, as a result, was imprisoned. Faora was eager to cleanse Oa and create the perfect planet. She and Zod went to the top of the Green Lantern Central Power Battery to test the Groundbreaker. Krypto tackled her and she dropped the Mnemosyne Crystal over the edge. Faora went on her hands and knees and searched for it. Faora eventually found it and Zod inserted it into the Groundbreaker. Supergirl tried to intervene but Faora grabbed her. She told Supergirl to take a good look at Oa before it was gone.

Green Lantern Jessica Cruz created an impressive dinosaur construct and heaved Zod from the top of the Central Power Battery. Faora tried to curry mercy and claimed it was all Zod's idea and she had nothing to do with it. Cruz tossed her. Supergirl switched the crystals and the Groundbreaker blew up. Zod, Faora, and Non were given a life sentence by the Green Lanterns and sent to the Phantom Zone.