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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (LEGO TV Special): Galactic Wonder
Appearances (Comics): One-Hit Wonder Woman (comic only)
Powers/Skills: Magic
Voiced By: Mona Marshall

Eclipso is a former citizen of Gemworld obsessed with power and revenge. Eclipso and Dark Opal formed a secret alliance aimed towards overthrowing Princess Amethyst and ruling Gemworld themselves. Their plans were discovered and they were forced to flee into a forest. However, Eclipso's magic was weakened in the forest. They hid from the soldiers sent after them. Opal discovered a passage about a gem more powerful than any on Gemworld, the last of one from an extinct planet and when combined with treasures from across the universe, it would bestow ultimate power. Eclipso was intrigued but Opal needed to stay behind and study ancient texts in order to learn how to find the gem. Eclipso proposed a bargain. She would take full responsibility for the coup and pretended she cast a spell on Opal to make him work for her. Once Opal found the gem, she instructed him to use the Amethyst portal to find her. Princess Amethyst arrived and encased Eclipso in crystal. Eclipso admitted to being the sole conspirator and was banished from Gemworld.

Eclipso hid on the Moon and constructed a crystalline palace. While she spent years waiting for the gem to reveal itself, Eclipso's resentment towards the other Gemworlders mocking her as well as Princess Amethyst's insolence for banishing her built up into a strong hatred. The gem of legend revealed itself to be Supergirl's Mnemosyne Crystal. The Shadow Demons succeeded in stealing more artifacts except for the final component, Supergirl's Mnemosyne Crystal. Dark Opal realized it was guarded by a powerful protection aura and could only be freely given by Supergirl. Eclipso reminded him to keep up his end of the bargain. She had the Master Alchemist, a kidnapped Amazonian, brought forth and ordered her to use the artifacts to build her a scepter. The Alchemist refused. Eclipso used her Black Diamond to enthrall the Master Alchemist and she complied. Dark Opal, meanwhile, failed to steal the Mnemosyne Crystal again. Eclipso had enough and teleported everyone back to Earth. They kidnapped Hippolyta, the Kents, and Commissioner Gordon and held them hostage in Booster's Gold Mine outside of Metropolis.

Opal issued an ultimatum to Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl - the crystal for their parents. Supergirl handed over her crystal. Eclipso freed the parents but invoked her Eclipso rule of relativity then imprisoned the girls with her Eclipso Explosive. She then tried to use her Black Diamond on Hippolyta, the Kents, and Gordon and turn them into their new league of guardians. However, the parents' love was too strong and they broke free of the diamond's power. Eclipso was shocked her diamond failed for the first time but she went through a portal to Super Hero High with Opal. She was unaware Bumblebee stole the Black Diamond as she crossed over. Unable to turn the student body into her personal army, Eclipso generated total darkness and ordered the Shadow Demons to attack. She blasted Principal Waller then touched the Amethyst and drew a massive shield around themselves. Eclipso declared herself queen of everything and vowed her first act would be to destroy Gemworld. Opal protested and fought her for the Scepter until Supergirl destroyed it with heat vision.

Eclipso flew back to the Moon with Supergirl in pursuit. Eclipso used crystals from the palace and tendrils to attack Supergirl then cloned herself once Wonder Woman arrived. Supergirl used her X-Ray vision to locate the real Eclipso, on the move to her throne. Eclipso summoned a crystal and fired a large beam. Supergirl took the brunt of the blast. Wonder Woman deflected the next blast off her bracelet and caused the palace to cave in. Eclipso turned invisible but Supergirl instructed Wonder Woman to throw her Lasso of Turth 23 degrees to her left. Eclipso was captured and reappeared. They flew back to Earth as the palace collapsed. Eclipso was turned over the Special Crimes Unit. She feared going to prison and being subjected to all its bright fluorescent lights. Opal and Eclipso bickered. She wasn't pleased Opal let them get defeated a second time by a teen super hero. Wonder Woman later used Eclipso as a villain in her comic book project for June Moone's art class.

Lena Luthor and Eclipso teamed up to harness the Earth's electromagnetic energies for evil. Luthor was told the increased output of energies were going to be used to generate a kind of hyperspace wormhole to Gemworld so Eclipso could return and exact revenge for being banished. In return, Luthor would be left the devastated planet to rule. In reality, Eclipso was using the generators to realign Earth's electromagnetic energy patterns with Gemworld to be in sync then transfer the organic matrix and terraform Earth into a new Gemworld to rule. She secretly had her Purple Kryptomites, created from Kryptomites and her Black Diamond, build a fifth electromagnetic generator at her palace on the Moon. Luthor flew to Themyscira in her hovercraft only to discover her four generators were destroyed.

Eclipso arrived in her spaceship and announced her true plans then returned to the Moon. Lied and betrayed, Luthor allied with the girls to take down Eclipso's generator. Supergirl flew Batgirl's computer virus to the machine herself and disabled it. During the celebration, Supergirl wondered what would come of Eclipso. Luthor correctly mused the Purple Kryptomites would turn on her. Eclipso yelled at her Kryptomites for failing to get the generator back online and threatened to throw them out of the airlock. They turned on her and put her into a hypnotic state.