Dragon King

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Novels): Katana at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Transformation, Enhanced Strength, Swordsmanship, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Dragon Prince was the son of Dragon King and attended Red Planet Prep. He hated going to school and was unpopular. Onna-bugeisha Yamashiro, his only friend, and Dragon Prince became the fencing team co-captains. Though gangly and awkward, he made fun of her for loving her katana sword so much but routinely lost matches to her and was chided by his father. He would brood for days. Onna always told him they were friends and they get stronger with their losses. Dragon Prince always had an excuse to her amusement. Upon graduation, they agreed to meet years later. When word of a mysterious female samurai super hero came from Japan, only Dragon Prince figured out it was Onna. At some point, he replaced his father as the Dragon King.

Decades later, Dragon King, contacted Onna to meet as they promised. He lied and said he had a present for her. They met and went by the ocean. Dragon King demanded the Muteki Sword so he could have the means to take over the world. It was said whoever possessed it was accorded great power. He seemed to ignore or didn't know about the part where the sword only revealed itself only to the one whose spirit reflects the highest ideals of a noble warrior. Onna objected to his demand and they fought. Dragon King was backed up by 100 accomplices. Onna-bugeisha never returned home and Dragon King continued his search for the Muteki Sword. Dragon King became a wanted criminal who mostly operated in the shadows, was cold blooded, and was armed and dangerous. He brandished a heavy sword with notches in it for each battle he won.

Dragon King found the underwater location of the Temple of Sacred Swords but the Ghost Crabs moved the 100 swords stored there to the aqueducts under Super Hero High School. He moved through small towns and big cities causing mayhem and destruction. Along the way, he conscripted handpicked volunteers, mostly criminals, for his army. He enchanced them with reptilian genetic material. The army grew to 83 strong. Dragon King concluded the Muteki Sword was at Super Hero High and headed straight for Metropolis. Miss Martian made telepathic contact with a Ghost Crab and was told danger was coming to Super Hero High. Batgirl checked her geographical scanner and learned something off the charts was happening and caused a disruption in the ocean currents and created a tsunami in the Chugoku region of Japan near Katana's hometown in Tottori. A large reptile as tall as two men was sighted. Supergirl flew to Japan and secured a DNA sample. The analysis determined a Komodo dragon.

Batgirl scanned a photo taken into a villains and criminals program she created for her father, Commissioner Gordon, and identified the threat as Dragon King. The Supers armed themselves with a sword each and battled Dragon King's forces. It soon became apparant the Dragon King tricked his volunteers. Dragon King was impressed with Kantana and sought her out for a one-on-one fight. Dragon King gloated that Onna's fatal flaw was trusting him then he told Katana about the day she died. Dragon King gained the upper hand and cast her sword aside. A crab apppeared and ran circles around him then turned into a giant dragon, revealing himself to be Beast Boy. Parasite decided to violate the terms of his parole and used his power stealing ability on Dragon King. He grabbed the King's tail and drained him. Katana regained her sword then saw a Ghost Crab in the corner of her eye. It urged her to keep her mind tranquil.

Katana's sword became a true extension of her and she knocked the Dragon King's sword out of his hands then knocked him to the ground with a flying kick. For a brief moment, he saw Katana dressed in Onna's armor with a snowball flower gracing her helmet. He begged for mercy. She spared his life instead of taking it then knicked him. He deflated like a punctured tire into a tiny lizard. The army suddenly shriveled up. The Ghost Crabs chased them away. One of the Ghost Crabs turned into the spirit of Onna and told Katana she had the Muteki Sword all along. She stated while revenge was easy, to pardon takes even more courage. Onna bowed to Katana, who was overcome with pride, joy, and love. Onna held up her hand and told her a person and their potential makes a sword stronger, never the other way around. She turned back into a Ghost Crab then vanished.