Double Dare

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Real Identity: Aliki and Margot Marceau
Appearances (Webisodes): Doubles Trouble, Around Metropolis in 80 Seconds, For Art's Sake, Fight Flub, and Tamaranean Dance Club Part 1
Appearances (Comics): Gimme a Summer Break
Appearances (Graphic Novel): Summer Olympus
Powers/Skills: Above Average Acrobatics
Voiced By: Lauren Tom

Double Dare are villainous twins who commit petty crimes for the fun of it. They stole the purse off a senior citizen in Centennial Park. Supergirl happened to be in the park's tennis court competing with Katana against Cyborg and the Flash. She overheard the robbery and flew away during the game. They feigned innocence then flipped away in opposite directions. Supergirl used her newly learned tennis skills to make a giant hole in the tennis court. One of the twins almost immediately fell in. The second was hit in the back of the head by Supergirl's tennis ball after it rebounded off the Superman statue. She got caught up in the tennis court's net and fell in the hole, as well.

They later robbed a bank at night. They ran to their motorcyle and drove to a nearby construction site. Wonder Woman and Supergirl happened to be competing in a street race and followed the twins. Supergirl spotted them on the far side of the lot behind a delivery truck. The twins attempted to split up and jump the fence but they were captured by Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth and Supergirl's net. The twins stole a masterpiece painting on loan from Silver St. Cloud to the Super Hero High Student Art Show Fundraiser. Supergirl flew up to them on the second floor but they came prepared. Aliki threw a chunk of Kryptonite at Supergirl and the twins ran off. Katana attempted to climb up a drape but Aliki cut it off with a knife. Katana jammed her katana into the wall and swung up to cut off their escape. The twins went to Plan D and dropped over the side. They swung off her sword and ran for a hall. Aliki pushed the emergency door button and dropped down the superproof door. Katana managed to slide under as the door came down but Supergirl crashed into it.

The twins ran into Moone's room and held Katana's painting hostage at sword point. Katana improvised and threw brushes at Aliki. Aliki flipped to avoid them and mocked her but Katana threw more and pinned her to a wall. Katana grabbed some ink and squirted them at Margot. Margot tried to shield herself with the painting then attempted to run away. Katana threw a painter's pallet under Margot's feet and she slid into Aliki, knocking each other out. Katana recovered the painting but St. Cloud was impressed with Katana's "finished" work. At the start of summer break at Super Hero High School, the twins went on a crime spree. They stored their loot in a circus tent west of Centennial Avenue. Their ultimate handbag heist was of the purses from St. Cloud's designer collection. They were pursued by Wonder Woman. Aliki attempted to defeat her with a bow and arrow but Bumblebee intervened and made her drop it. The twins went over the side of a roof. Wonder Woman lassoed Aliki and Bumblebee zapped Margot. Both tied up in the Lasso of Truth, the twins revealed the location of their hideout. They were turned over to the Special Crimes Unit.

The twins broke into the Weaponomics vault and stole the Weaponomics Cross Blaster Prototype. They made their way through the vents and dropped down into the gym where Katana and Big Barda happened to be practicing for Advanced Martial Arts. Katana hit Margot with a jump kick then shoved Aliki but Margot sweeped her with the prototype. Aliki dodged Barda's punches and jumped from bar to bar then climbed the hanging rope. Barda swatted the prototype out of Margot's hands and held onto her left arm. She couldn't get free. Katana tossed a throwing star and cut the rope. Aliki fell on her back. They were put inside the Batty Wagon and taken away. With Lena Luthor still in prison, the twins attempted to raid her lab at the docks. Katana, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Starfire confronted them. Aliki jumped across the server bay with a box of stolen goods but Katana cut off her escape then Wonder Woman captured her with the Lasso of Truth. Margot jumped across the lights and offered to split the take with them but Supergirl heat visioned the fixture. The twins were picked up by Batgirl in the Batty Wagon but the girls noticed Starfire was homesick.