Dark Opal

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Movies): Hero of the Year
Appearances (Comics): One-Hit Wonder Woman (comic only)
Powers/Skills: Magic and Swordsmanship
Voiced By: Sean Schemmel

Dark Opal held the royal position of Jewel Sorcerer of Gemworld. He stores a healthy reserve of magic in the opal on his chest. Opal conspired with Eclipso to overthrow Princess Amethyst and rule Gemworld together but their plans were discovered. They fled into a forest near the castle and dodged soldiers. Opal didn't like their chances until he tripped and a book fell out of his sack. He told Eclipso about a legend that foretold of a gem more powerful than anything on Gemworld and it would grant ultimate power to anyone who bound it with treasure from across the universe. In order to locate the gem, a crystal key, Opal needed to keep his position as royal sorcerer in order to study ancient texts. Eclipso agreed to take all the blame for the planned coup and lie about putting Opal in her thrall with the Black Diamond. She instructed him to use the Amethyst portal to locate her once he located the gem. After Princess Amethyst captured Eclipso, she admitted to putting Opal under her spell. She only banished Eclipso.

They waited many years for the crystal key of legend to show itself. It turned to be Supergirl's Mnemosyne Crystal. On the Friday morning before the Hero of the Year ceremony, Opal emerged from the Amethyst and drew his sword on Hawkgirl, who was on guard duty. She knocked the sword away and gave him two demerits for attacking a student. The overachiever in Opal couldn't resist and he opted to knock Hawkgirl out with a magic blast. He floated down to her, lifted her up with telekinesis, and stole her Nth Metal belt. Opal remarked it was a good start and returned to the Moon. Hawkgirl and Beast Boy identified him later that day as Dark Opal and shared their findings with the Metropolis Junior Detective Society at an emergency meeting. Opal paced and eagerly awaited the return of the Shadow Demons sent to steal artifacts at Super Hero High. He was pleased when they returned with a shuriken, Mega Rod, and Violet Power Ring. After listening to one shadow's account, Opal realized Supergirl's Mnemosyne Crystal was protected by a powerful protection aura. It couldn't be stolen, only given freely.

Eclipso ordered Opal to give Supergirl whatever she wants in return. Opal remotely viewed Supergirl's dorm and saw a print out of her parents. On the day of Hero of the Year, Opal disguised himself as Supergirl's mother Alura and led her through the forest near campus. He told Supergirl to give him the crystal. However, Supergirl realized her mother would never call her "Supergirl" and he tried to grab the crystal. Supergirl sidestepped and he fell over, revealing his true self. Their battle caught Big Barda's attention and she yelled out for help as she came to Supergirl's aid. Surrounded by supers, Opal summoned the Shadow Demons. Once he recovered from the summoning, Opal drew his sword and dueled Katana. As their swords were locked, a beam of sunlight bounced off Katana's sword and destroyed one of the shadows. Katana elbowed Opal in the chest and told everyone of the shadows' weakness. Opal called for a retreat and they teleported back to the Moon. Eclipso was not pleased with failure. Together, they teleported to Earth.

Eclipso and Opal kidnapped Hippolyta, Commissioner Gordon, and the Kents and held them hostage in Booster's Gold Mine outside of Metropolis' city limits. Through some means, they hacked Batgirl's comm bracelet and issued an ultimatum to Batgirl, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl - their parents for the crystal. Supergirl complied but Eclipso trapped the girls with an explosive. Eclipso was surprised to see the parents fight the influence of the Black Diamond but Opal opened a portal to Super Hero High and prepared to use their new found power to turn the student body into their army. Eclipso, however, realized she lost her diamond. Dark Opal reminded her she had the Scepter. She created total darkness and ordered the shadows to attack then drew up a shield using the Amethyst. Dark Opal protested Eclipso's declaration she would destroy Gemworld as her first act and the two tussled. As a result, the shield dropped. They continued to fight over the Scepter until Supergirl destroyed it with her heat vision.

Dark Opal fired magic blasts at the supers but Wonder Woman deflected them off her shield back at him. Eclipso laughed at his expense as he fell down the stairwell. Wonder Woman went after Opal and captured him in her Lasso of Truth then demanded to know where Eclipso was going. Opal complied and told her Eclipso was going back to her palace on the Moon. Wonder Woman asked if there was anything else and Opal admitted he shouldn't have become a super villain and followed his heart and pursued a theater major. Wonder Woman ripped his opal off and crushed it. Opal bemoaned the loss of his power and magic. He dropped to his knees and weeped. Batgirl implored Wonder Woman to back up Supergirl against Eclipso. Batgirl then tied Opal in a grapnel line and lowered him down onto the campus lawn. He was taken into custody by the Special Crimes Unit. He pleaded with the authorities and made it clear he didn't want to share a ride with Eclipso. Eclipso was irritated he allowed her to be defeated by children again.

Wonder Woman later used Dark Opal as a villain in her comic book project for June Moone's art class.