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Real Identity: Noah Kuttler
Appearances (Novels): Batgirl at Super Hero High
Powers/Skills: Expert in Technology
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Noah Kuttler is young genius in the field of computer science. He the son of an organic carrot farmer and Llama rancher who wrote him off as an out of touch nerd. Kuttler came up with a plan to cause so much planetary chaos that even his parents would notice, then he would save the world and take a one-way teleporter to oblivion -- going down as a hero. He chose Batgirl to be the unwitting pawn in this grand plan. Batgirl would be framed for the cybercrime and Calculator would clean up the mess. He found a tiny baby bat and placed a microchip on it. The bat would serve as a spy, transmitting her conversations and record her computer keystrokes. He placed the bat in a blue shoe box, with holes in the side, wrote Batgirl's name on the box, and left it at the main entrance of Super Hero High School. All went according to plan. Beast Boy brought the bat to Batgirl and she raised it in her bedroom secretly. Kuttler's accolade of being the teenager with the highest recorded CompuQ score in the world got him selected to compete in the pilot episode of the TechTalkTV reality show.

In the second round, to his delight, he was paired up with Batgirl. After Batgirl suggested an anti-deprogramming program, he admitted he was toying with a holographic equation that could change the way people assess deliverables. They went with his idea and came up with the Hologram XLABCXYZ Equation. Kuttler froze on-stage during the demonstration but Batgirl took over. Nebble Bytes, the host, declared them the winners of round two. Kuttler won the third round by breaking down and neutralizing a complex code virus first. He did a celebratory but awkward moondance then spiked a calculator, shattering it. Batgirl ended up as the outright champion. Kuttler angrily yelled she stole his win but calmed down and apologized. Batgirl tried to offer him the golden circuitry trophy. Kuttler held it gently but returned it, admitting it was hers because the audience liked her more. It was the story of his life.

Tasked with helping Harley Quinn to expand her social media empire, Batgirl decided to help create the HarleyGrams. Kuttler agreed to help out with the part of code she couldn't figure out. He planted a transformative virus into the code. The HarleyGrams became a quick success. To add insult to injury, Kuttler was never credited for helping. However, it soon turned rouge then began unlocking computer viruses and replicating themselves. No one was safe. International businesses, governments, national economy, the space program, vending machines, automated parking meters... animatronic mice. After several days offline hiding out at home, Batgirl came to the realization that Kuttler programed and embedded the destructive code in the HarleyGram. She logged on and used the AboutFace database to find his name and address. Kuttler revealed he knew Batgirl was Barbara Gordon and announced he was now the Calculator. While most of the supers responded to the epidemic caused by the HarleyWhams, Batgirl went to work on a reverse AboutFace program to lock onto the Calculator's location.

Batgirl discovered her pet Batty was being used to spy on her the whole time. Katana extracted the microchip then Batgirl reprogrammed it. Beast Boy changed into a baby bat and was outfitted with the reverse homing device. He flew deep into the suburbs and found Kuttler's bedroom. Cyborg was able to take a couple screen grabs of Kuttler's computers but Beast Boy was trapped in a laser cage. Batgirl instructed Hawkgirl and the Flash to disable all the computers in Metropolis and Gotham City for 20 minutes then turn them all back on. She confronted the Calculator in his room but Mrs. Kuttler interrupted and chided her son for living in a total mess. After she left, they engaged in a TechTalkTV-style competition. While she plugged in her anti-HarlyWham program, Batgirl recalled crisis negotiation from her father and started a conversation with Calculator. He babbled on about the Craft of Warworld game. Batgirl went to stage 2, empathy. She empathized with him for being made fun of. Batgirl's program forced the HarleyWhams to retrace their steps until each computer was returned to the way it was before.

Once every computer was back to normal, all the HarleyGrams self-destructed. Batgirl went to stage 3, rapport. Calculator realized what Batgirl did and got a stomachache. He pulled a blaster but Batgirl kicked it into the laser cage. Beast Boy was freed. Calculator fired electricity from his key chain then revealed his room was booby trapped with poison arrows, nets, and bright lights. Batgirl revealed Beast Boy's microchip and mini-camera recorded everything he admitted to. Cyborg then uploaded the recordings to the Internet. Batgirl tied Calculator up with Bat-rope just as Cyborg, Harely, and Supergirl burst into the bedroom. Harley smashed his laptop and row of computers with her mallet. Mrs. Kuttler returned but with a visitor, Commissioner Gordon. Gordon arrested Calculator. He was ensconed at Belle Reve Penitentiary and Juvenile Detention Center. Harley's Quinntessentials was as popular as ever and even had more followers than before.