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Guide Glossary:
Heroes: Characters that are superheroes.
Villains: Usually the opposition to the Heroes, but more often than not, the plot also revolves around these characters at times.
Supporting Cast: Any supporting characters that appear.
Beasts: Any sentient lifeforms that appear.
Objects: Non-characters that appear.
Places: Places visited by characters or mentioned.

List of "Harley Quinn and Batman" Comics

The Last Laugh

1. Part 1
Harley's sure she's the best thing that ever happened to her puddin', but the Joker treats her like just another henchperson. There's only one thing to do: get the Batman involved!

2. Part 2
Harley sicced Batman on the Joker and got away clean, but she's still not happy. Maybe grabbing some diamonds out of Catwoman's safe will help?

3. Part 3
Harley's solo crime spree gets sidetracked by her best pal Ivy's plans. Why is that kinda thing always happening to our heroine?

4. Part 4
This time, Ivy's gone too far! No one treats Harley like a sidekick (well, not any more).

5. Part 5

Title to be Revealed

6. To Be Revealed

7. To Be Revealed

8. To Be Revealed

9. To Be Revealed

10. To Be Revealed

11. To Be Revealed

12. To Be Revealed