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Real Identity: Carl Burnett, Franklin Enea, and William J Regan
Appearances: Chapter Two: The Story in Your Eyes, Chapter Three: Playing Hard to Get, Chapter Four: The Night Begins to Shine, and Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition Pt. 2 (Alternate Ending)
Powers/Skills: Musical Aptitude
Voiced By: Themselves

Long ago, the collision of 1000 planets birthed three astral beings imbued with the power of stardust. B.E.R. arrived in a millennia old kingdom and created a sound more powerful than any, a song they called "The Night Begins to Shine". The song gave birth to an entirely new reality, warping space and time around itself, inspired by the radical sounds of the 1980s. B.E.R.'s power outclassed the dragon who created the kingdom. From that day on, the night always shined throughout the lands. B.E.R. came to realization that if the song was powerful enough to create worlds, it could also destroy them. B.E.R. feared the song would be abused if it fell into the wrong hands, namely the dragon's, and they sealed it in a cassette tape then sent it away to another dimension. B.E.R. disappeared as quickly as they had come.

B.E.R. arrived on Earth and they swore a galactic oath to never return to the dimension again and never speak of the song again then went their seperate ways. They wouldn't sing the song again until the prophecy was fulfilled, when the night shines no more and the glory of the land has fallen. They took the names Carl Burnett, Franklin Enea, and William J Regan. Carl Burnett owned 40% of the song, Franklin Enea took another 40, and William J Regan, a sweet sweet 20%. William J Regan opened Tri State Auto Repair and operated a tow truck. In the present, Cyborg, the current host of the song, sent a bird to Earth to help the Titans find B.E.R. and save him from the dragon. It facilitated Beast Boy getting in a traffic accident while he drove around in the T-Car trying to find himself. Regan, calling himself Billy, found Beast Boy and offered to help. The bird, disguised as a pigeon, tried its best to clue Beast Boy into Billy's true identity by knocking around objects from his past but he was clueless... until Billy mistakenly gave away his full name. Beast Boy asked him to play the song to get back to the dimension and rescue his best friend but Billy stated he wasn't about that anymore.

Beast Boy proclaimed music lives in the heart and his was still beating. Beast Boy went on to declare B.E.R. couldn't just create something beautiful then turn around and abandon it. They had a responsbility and that was way more important than a oath. Billy changed his mind and stated Beast Boy was right. They went to the Titans Tower. The others were skeptical who he was until Beast Boy took Regan's hat off and revealed his flowing hair. Regan had no idea what happened to Burnett and Enea but Raven easily located them with the Internet then texted them an invite to the tower. Regan was happy to see them again after years of being apart but both admitted they never saw anything special or interesting. Together, they refused to sing the song but Franklin Enea proposed they come up with a new song. Burnett cited it was hard recreating that kind of magic and Regan added it was dangerous. As the Titans fretted over Cyborg being trapped forever, B.E.R. got their inspiration.

Regan manifested their instruments and created a new song titled "Forever Mine". They generated a portal and were pulled in with the Titans. They transformed as they sang and arrived in the dimension. Regan remarked they had been away so long, he was started to wonder if he might have dreamed it all. The Dragon and his army ambushed them and forced them to surrender. He conjured his giant keyboard machine and fired a beam at B.E.R., tapping into their harmonic aura. The Dragon then used it to pull the song out of Cyborg. He proceeded to bend the song and used it to change the land to his will. The Dragon sentenced them to righteous termination but Cyborg rallied B.E.R. and asked them if they believed in the power of music. Cyborg exclaimed it was just beginning and fired a blue pulse into the sky. The pulse reached Fall Out Boy and CeeLo. They suddenly began singing the song and were pulled into portals.

CeeLo and Fall Out Boy were transformed and destroyed the Dragon's army but were then drained of the song, too. B.E.R. declared the Dragon did not own them and summoned their instruments. They played another song "Rise Up" and summoned Sweet, a giant woman robot, as part of the prophecy. Sweet devastated the Dragon then gestured Cyborg to fulfill his role. He drew down his axe on the Dragon and defeated him. With the prophecy fulfilled, B.E.R. played "The Night Begins to Shine" and restored the land's beauty again with Sweet. They thanked the Teen Titans for teaching them music was a responsibility. They vowed to continue to make music together from now on and stayed behind. The world needed them and much as they needed it. They said their goodbyes. The Teen Titans, CeeLo, and Fall Out Boy teleported back home with B.E.R. watching over them.

In an alternate version of the Justice League's Next Top Talent Idol Star: Second Greatest Team Edition, Birdarang disqualified the Titans for cheating and declared none of the other teams a winner. B.E.R. suddenly teleported onto the stage and entered the competition. They played their latest single "Chimerical" and transformed the Titan, League, and Birdarang as they grooved to the song. The League unanimously voted them the second greatest team.