Legion of Doom

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Real Identity: Various
Appearances: Snuggle Time
Powers/Skills: Various
Voiced By: Various

The Teen Titans got tired of having their lives constantly interrupted by supervillains. During an encounter with H.I.V.E., they realized it was more fun to be a villain. They took control of the Death Ray from H.I.V.E. and blasted up Jump City. They returned to the Titans Tower and agreed to become villains. Starfire became Starfire the Terrible, Cyborg became The Cyborg, Raven became Demon of Azarath, Robin became Dick Gravestone, and Beast Boy became Beast Monster. Gravestone declared they were now the Legion of Doo (even though there already was one). They hired henchmen to construct their Hall of Doom headquarters in the waters surrounding the Titans Tower. They subjected Batman to a laser death trap, Batgirl to a vat of Joker Jelly, the Titans East to a slow closing spike mechanism trap, and bound Aquman to a bunch of explosives.

Gravestone gave another crazy speech then asked for plans to take over the world. Demon suggested using their vast wealth and business connections to buy and control politicians who will then advance their evil agendas through the legislative process and then buy a network of media outlets in order to guard their public support of the politicians they control. Within several years, they would be running the world without knowing it. The others were aghast and reminded her the ideas were supposed to be fun and crazy. Hers was way too evil. Beast Monster suggested he and The Cyborg walk around with their butts out. Starfire the Terrible suggested she steal the world's bunny supply and force everyone to watch while she snuggled with them. The Cyborg proposed they wrap the world in a blanket and set off stink bombs, creating the biggest dutch oven ever. Gravestone suggested the Death Ray. H.I.V.E. oddly received a crime alert and responded. They admitted they learned what it was like have their lives negatively affected by supervillains and apologized. Gravestone was moved but set off The Cyborg's dutch oven plan.

Current Members

Beast Monster

The Cyborg

Demon of Azarath

Dick Gravestone

Starfire the Terrible