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News on the direct to video movies, Superman: Unbound. In most cases a link will accompany each headline back to the original article.

News on the DCAU originates from animation and comic book related news sites, personal staff forums or comic book conventions. Fans beware, in some cases, false news does get spread among the internet.


  • July 16, 2012: Molly Quinn reveals she voices Supergirl in an adaptation of Superman: Brainiac. WF Article
  • October 13, 2012: Superman: Unbound, an adaptation of Geoff John's Superman: Brainiac story from Action Comics, will release in summer 2013. WF Article
  • January 7, 2013: Superman will be voiced by Matt Bomer, Brainiac will be voiced by John Noble, Lois Lane will be voiced by Stana Katic, two images will be released, James Tucker is the Director, Supervising Producer, and Character Designer, and Kevin Kliesch is the Composer. The primary story will be the conflict with Brainiac while a second will focus on Superman's isues relating to Lois and Supergirl. TV Guide Article
  • January 7, 2013: Bob Goodman is the Screenwriter and Andrea Romano is the Voice Director. WF Article
  • January 22, 2013: The movie will be screened at WonderCon Anaheim 2013. Comic-Con Programming Schedule
  • January 31, 2013: First trailer. Nerdist
  • February 4, 2013: Release date set at May 7th, 2013. WF Article
  • February 4, 2013: Front cover for Blu-Ray and DVD sets. Run time is 75 minues. WF Article
  • February 12, 2013: Movie officially rated PG-13. Alternate titles were Superman: Bound, Superman: Brainiac, Superman: Lost City Of Krypton, Superman: The Lost City, and Superman: War For Krypton. WF Article
  • February 21, 2013: New press release reveals more of the cast. Frances Conroy voices Ma Kent, Wade Williams voices Perry White, Diedrich Bader voices Steve Lombard, Stephen Root voices Zor-El, and Alexander Gould voices Jimmy Olsen. Blu-Ray exclusive features also revealed - featurettes on Kandor and Brainiac, Audio Commentary with Mike Carlin, Bob Goodman, and James Tucker, preview for Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, four episodes from Superman: The Animated Series "The Last Son of Krypton" Part 1, "New Kids in Town," and "Little Girl Lost" Part 1 and 2, and an excerpt from Superman: Brainiac. WF Article
  • March 1, 2013: Teaser image of Superman. Gary Miereanu Tweet
  • March 1, 2013: Molly Quinn will attend the post premiere panel for Unbound at Wonder Con on March 29th. Gary Miereanu Tweet
  • March 3, 2013: Back covers for Blu-Ray and Single Disc DVD editions revealed. WF Article
  • March 11, 2013: A second teaser image of Superman. WF Article
  • March 15, 2013: Teaser image of Supergirl. Gary Miereanu Tweet
  • March 21, 2013: Three more teaser images revealed. On March 29th, Unbound panelists will sign WonderCon-exclusive mini-posters from 3-4 pm at the DC Entertainment booth. The movie will premiere at WonderCon at 6 pm. Molly Quinn, James Tucker, Bob Goodman, and Andrea Romano will participate in the post premiere panel. WF Article
  • March 28, 2013: Matt Bomer will join the Wonder Con signing and panel. WF Article
  • March 29, 2013: The original intent was to have an ambiguous ending to Superman: Unbound for a possibility of following it up with the New Krypton storyline. Collider Article
  • March 30, 2013: Summary of Wonder Con panel. Newsarama Article
  • March 30, 2013: Recording of Wonder Con panel. BKBN @ YouTube
  • April 11, 2013: Teaser image of Supergirl with Superman in Brainiac's ship. Gary Miereanu Tweet
  • April 16, 2013: A soundtrack will be released in digial format by WaterTower Music on April 30th for between $7.99-8.99 and contain 12 tracks. Listing included. It is also for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon. Amazon has an alternate disc on demand option. WF Article
  • April 18, 2013: Clip of Superman meeting Brainiac released. WF Article
  • April 19, 2013: Wonder Con round table with Andrea Romano. TZ Article
  • April 19, 2013: Wonder Con round table with Matt Bomer. TZ Article
  • April 19, 2013: Wonder Con round table with Molly Quinn. TZ Article
  • April 19, 2013: Wonder Con round table with Bob Goodman. TZ Article
  • April 22, 2013: New clip and four images featuring Supergirl and Lois Lane released. WF Article
  • April 24, 2013: John Noble talks about voicing Brainiac. WF Article
  • April 26, 2013: Stana Katic talks about voicing Lois Lane. WF Article
  • April 29, 2013: Matt Bomer and Stana Katic talk about Clark Kent and Lois Lane. WF Article
  • April 30, 2013: Interview with composer Kevin Kliesch. WF Article
  • May 1, 2013: Molly Quinn talks about Supergirl. WF Article
  • May 6, 2013: Molly Quinn talks more about Supergirl. WF Article
  • May 6, 2013: Clip of Brainiac probes invading Daily Planet. Newsarama Article
  • May 7, 2013: Clip and seven images released. WF Article
  • May 7, 2013: Interview with John Noble. CBR Article
  • May 8, 2013: Interview with John Noble. MTV Geek! Article
  • May 20, 2013: William Dunn posts a painting of Brainiac's Ship. Bill Dunn Blog
  • October 7, 2013: Jay Hong posts designs of Krypton and Brainiac's Ship. Jay Hong Blog
  • March 6, 2014: James Tucker posts original rough designs for cast. James Tucker deviantArt