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Real Identity: Annie
Appearances (BTAS): Growing Pains
Appearances (BTAC Comics): Mentors Part 1
Powers: Mental Link to Clayface
Voiced By: Francesca Maria Smith

When Clayface's remains washed near some chemicals, he began to reform. However, he was unable to completely heal at once. Clayface created a seperate entity to act as an agent and gather information on his new surroundings. This agent had a short term memory and wandered off. The two retained a neural link and Clayface pursued his agent to no avail.

The second Robin, Tim Drake, encountered the agent and gained its trust. The agent resembled a girl around Drake's age at the time and Drake named her Annie, to which she obliged. Robin attempted to protect Annie but she ultimately accepted what she was and allowed Clayface to re-absorb her.

While one half of Clayface was on the run in downtown Gotham, Batgirl and Robin gave chase. The half took the form of Annie and pleaded for help from Robin. Batgirl tried to warn Robin it wasn't her. Robin disagreed, became angry, and threw a freezing capsule at her. Robin proclaimed it was for Annie and jump kicked Clayface.