World Assembly

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JL): Secret Origins Part One, Part Three, The Enemy Below Part One, and Starcrossed Part One
Powers/Skills: Diplomacy
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The World Assembly is an international organization dedicated to world peace through the promotion of international law, economic development, and social reforms. The Assembly is headquartered in Metropolis and is organized much like its brother agency, the United Nations.

Two years after a mission to Mars, J Allen Carter proposed a radical disarmament plan. He enlisted Superman to aid him in promoting the plan to the World Assembly, despite some lingering distrust of the hero after he invaded Earth on Darkseid's behalf. Six months later, the plan was a success but it turned out be an elaborate ruse hatched by the Imperium to weaken Earth's defenses before they fully invaded.

After the Imperium invasion ended, the U.S.S. Defiant submarine came into conflict with Atlantean forces. The Justice League intervened. Rather than use force, Superman convinced King Arthur to plead his cause to the World Assembly. After running out of patience, Arthur left the compound and was attacked by Deadshot, who was hired by Arthur's brother, Orm. Some time later, Hro Talek pleaded his plan to shield Earth from an impending Gordanian invasion. He was permitted to construct the force field technology. Again, the Assembly was fooled by an alien leader. Eventually, Atlantis became a member state of the World Assembly but withdrew due to lack of progress with global warming.