Wayne Manor

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): On Leather Wings, Christmas With The Joker, The Last Laugh, The Underdwellers, Forgotten, Two-Face Part One, Beware The Gray Ghost, Vendetta, Fear of Victory, Appointment in Crime Alley, Eternal Youth, Perchance to Dream, Robin's Reckoning Part One, Part Two, Night of the Ninja, Cat Scratch Fever, Heart of Steel Part One, Part Two, If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?, Tyger, Tyger, I Am The Night, Off Balance, Shadow of the Bat Part One, Part Two, Blind as a Bat, His Silicon Soul, The Worry Men, Mask of the Phantasm, House and Garden, The Terrible Trio, The Lion and The Unicorn, Riddler's Reform, Subzero, Sins of the Father, Cold Comfort, Never Fear, Over the Edge, Old Wounds, Chemistry, Beware the Creeper, Judgment Day, and Mystery of Batwoman
Appearances (STAS): Knight Time
Appearances (BB): Rebirth Part One, Part Two, Blackout, Spellbound, A Touch of Curare, Ascension, Splicers, Lost Soul, Once Burned, Hooked Up, Eyewitness, April Moon, Where's Terry?, Ace in the Hole, King's Ransom, The Call Part One, and Return Of The Joker
Appearances (JL/U): Starcrossed Part Three and Epilogue
Powers: Not Applicable
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In the late 18th century, Wayne Manor was constructed north of Gotham Town on 1007 Mountain Drive at a 150 acre property. When phones came into use, the number assigned to the Manor was 300-555-0169. Several generations of the Wayne Family have called the Manor home. In the 20th century, Dr. Thomas, Martha, and Bruce Wayne along with family butler, Alfred Pennyworth were the latest inhabitants. Dick Grayson and Tim Drake also lived there for their childhood and career as Batman's partners. In the 2050's, Ace was the latest resident.

When Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham after years of traveling the world, he set out to creating a new identity. After a failed proposal, he became Batman and constructed the Batcave under Wayne Manor in a vast network of caverns. There are three hidden entrances outside the Manor: one for the Batmobile, one for the Batwing, and one for the Batboat. Likewise, inside Wayne Manor are three entrances to the Batcave. Two are hidden in Bruce Wayne's study through the main bookcase or a grandfather clock. A third method, favored by Pennyworth, is an access elevator.

Over the years, Wayne Manor was crashed by various villains and aliens such as Mr. Freeze, the Thanagarians, and the Joker. It was also a temporary headquarters for the Justice League during the Thanagarian invasion. Likewise, its history as an asylum continued in a hypertimeline when Bruce Wayne housed a resistance against Vandal Savage in Wayne Manor.