Vreeland Manor

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): Birds of a Feather
Appearances (TNBA): Holiday Knights and Chemistry
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Vreeland Manor is the home of the Vreeland family in Gotham City. With only 24 invitations for the month, Veronica Vreeland fear she was slipping and in order to keep her social standing, she tried to think of a solution. Pierce, Vreeland's friend, suggested throwing a big party and inviting a criminal. He showed her a newspaper with a headline about the Penguin's release. Vreeland organized a party of about 100 at Vreeland Manor. The rouse worked too well and the Penguin fell in love with Vreeland. At the party, he naturally insulted and embarrassed attendees, some of whom he robbed in the past. Mayor Hill excused himself after Penguin spotted him. Penguin stepped outside to look at the jewelry he planned to give to Vreeland when Bruce Wayne came upon him and confessed it looked like he was reformed after all. Penguin stumbled upon Vreeland and her friend Pierce in the study discussing their scheme. He was naturally infuriated and kidnapped Vreeland, fleeing the manor with his helicopter umbrella.

On one December 22, a party was held at Vreeland Manor. Bruce Wayne was present and talked to Veronica Vreeland about their vacation plans. Wayne's usual would-be suitors found him and wanted to have him to themselves under the mistletoe. Wayne nervously backed away into someone who grabbed him by his necktie and kissed him. She turned out to be Poison Ivy. Ivy and Harley Quinn used the former's special lipstick to go on a shopping spree on Wayne's account.

Veronica Vreeland's fourth wedding was held at the manor. Vreeland's flower bouquet was caught by Susan Maguire. The wedding photographer asked her to pose for photo with the man who caught the garter, Bruce Wayne. Vreeland introduced Maguire as well as her new husband, Michael. Vreeland thought Michael was the one for her and confessed that she would have introduced Wayne to him sooner, but the courtship and wedding was so sudden over a period of a few weeks. She hoped Wayne would settle down someday, too. Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake watched the guests slow-dance together. Drake didn't care for it, but Gordon hinted that someday he may find it useful. Drake was relieved to spot Alfred Pennyworth. A few weeks later, Michael went berserk and attacked Vreeland during Wayne and Maguire's wedding reception. She managed to call Wayne Manor for help but was found out.

Michael demanded to know what she said about him. She denied she said anything but he thought she was lying. Vreeland quickly grabbed a lamp and hit his head with it then she went into her bedroom's security vault. However, Michael simply walked through the vault's laser security system. The holes the lasers caused instantly healed. Vreeland screamed and was knocked out. Wayne arrived too late and the manor was already on fire. After the front doors blew up, he went inside and found Vreeland still in the vault unconscious. He grabbed a full panel mirror and used it to deflect the laser system then he carried Vreeland out and escaped from the balcony just in time as the manor collapsed.