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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JL/U): Secret Origins Part One, Part Two, Paradise Lost Part One, Part Two, Fury Part One, Part Two, and The Balance
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After the Greek Gods defeated the Titans, Hippolyta was ordered to guard the gateway to Tartarus below an island between North America and Europe called Themyscira. Hera and the other female gods empowered the Amazons and promised they would be protected from the chaos of man's world. They were immortalized and constructed a utopia to reclaim purity of their souls. Hidden away for centuries, Themyscira became a center of intellectual and cultural pursuit surrounded by pristine outgrowths of nature. It quickly earned the nickname of "Paradise Island."

Eventually, the gods felt pity for Hippolyta and gave life to a clay figure and it became her daughter to love. Princess Diana grew to be a prodigy. In her teens, a ship captain and war survivor washed up ashore on Themyscira. The captain had used all his strength to paddle them to land and died after realizing the girl would be safe. Out of respect, the Amazons buried the captain, the only man to ever be honored and buried on Themyscira. The girl, Aresia, was magically endowed with the powers of the Amazon but she retained hatred for man. She was isolated in order to partake in meditation. Aresia, however, made secret trips to Man's World and began to devise a plan to kill Man with biological warfare. Around the same time, Diana felt the telepathic summoning of J'onn Jonzz to jelp fight the Imperium. She stole Hippolyta's armor and ventured to America, breaking Amazonian law.

Eight months later, Diana decided to return home and discovered it was in ruins and her people frozen in stone. She was forced to follow Felix Faust's wishes and confided in the Justice League for help. They returned to Themyscira and attempted to defeat Faust but failed. He opened Tartarus and released Hades. The League fought a zombie army as Wonder Woman resealed the gateway. The Amazons recognized the League for their valor but Hippolyta also officially exiled Diana in accord with the law. Months later, Hawkgirl arrived on Themyscira to investigate Aresia. After telling her side to Hippolyta, they journeyed across the island to Aresia's meditation tower and discovered the truth. Years later, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl returned to restore Hades to power. After the victory, Hippolyta decreed a celebration and welcomed her daughter home.