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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JL/U): Paradise Lost Part Two and The Balance
Appearances (JLI Comics): The Mirror Crack'd Part Four
Powers/Skills: Magic
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Tartarus, the Pit of Lost Souls, is the Greek representation of Hell and is said to be born from Chaos. Because of this, it holds an important part in mantaining the balance of magic on Earth. After defeating the Titans, Zeus banished them and their co-conspirator Hades to Tartarus. Hades was demoted to rule the dead for all time. Hippolyta, his unwitting accomplice, was assigned to guard the gateway to Tartarus, beneath Themyscira. The mandate of Tartarus was to imprison all threats to the Greek gods. Five known prisoners are Circe, Medusa, and the Demons Three. Eventually, the purpose of Tartarus was modified. After death, the soul was judged. Those that were sentenced punishment were sent to Tartarus.

In his search for power, knowledge, and revenge; Felix Faust discovered a way to communicate with Hades. In exchange for freeing him from Tartarus, Hades promised to enlighten Faust. Faust then attacked the Amazons to no avail. The sudden appearance of Wonder Woman prompted Faust to blackmail her into doing his work in retrieving fragments of the key that would open the gates of Tartarus. They were hidden around the planet. After the Justice League failed to take down Faust, he opened the gateway and freed Hades. Wonder Woman destroyed the key and Tartarus summoned all life and death into it as the gateway closed. To pass the time, Hades took special interest in Faust and subjected him to various forms of torture. Tala, Faust's student, stormed Tartarus and extracted Faust's soul. He bidded his time.

Years later, when Tala was working on the Annihilator for Cadmus, Faust tricked her into giving him control of the weapon. Faust then returned to Tartarus and overthrew Hades. With Hades incapacitated in another dimension, the flow of magic was disturbed and all beings tied to it were subjected to terrible pain. By decree of Zeus, Hermes ordered Wonder Woman to restore Hades to power. Along with Shayera Hol, she ventured into Tartarus, freed Hades, and defeated Faust.