Stryker's Island Penitentiary

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (STAS): The Way Of All Flesh, Two's A Crowd, Speed Demons, Double Dose, Solar Power, and The Late Mr. Kent
Appearances (JL/U): Injustice For All Part One, Part Two, Only A Dream Part one, Part Two, A Better World Part One, Part Two, and Ultimatum
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Stryker's Island is located off the coast of Metropolis. It eventually became Stryker's Island Penitentiary, the city's largest prison facility dedicated to imprisoning the worst offenders such as John Corben. Since most of these criminals were secretly working for Lex Luthor, he often kept tabs on them and bribed prison officials. He even had Dr. Vale, the resident physician, infect John Corben with a rare disease in order to manipulate him into becoming Metallo. The death penalty is advocated in Metropolis and such, a death row section exists in Stryker's. One cellmate, Ernest Walker, constantly declared he was innocent. His pleas were unheard until Clark Kent took an interest. The real killer turned out to be Detective Bowman, of the Metropolis Police Department. As he realized Superman was Kent, he died in the gas chamber.

After Superman and his Rogues Gallery appeared, Stryker's expanded to have special cells designed to hold super villains and exploit their weaknesses. They are held in the Maximum C Security section. Livewire's cell is grounded to point she is unable to draw a charge and activate her electrokinetic powers. Volcana is kept in a bubble with limited oxygen to prevent her from utilizing pyrokinesis. Every one of these special cells can only be opened by a retinal scan of specified prison guards. Several super villains with enough financial influence are able to bribe guards for special treatment and special amenities in their cells. Lex Luthor and Ultra Humanite are two such prisoners. In the Justice Lords' parallel universe, Batman imprisoned the Justice League in Stryker's within chambers customized to exploit each one's weakness and rigged to monitor their vitals. The Flash managed to fake his death and lure Batman into a trap. After knocking him out, the Flash attempted to guess the passcode to free the others in vain, until Batman deduced the code Batman used, 91939.

As the frontier of science was explored, the eagerness didn't quite follow at the same pace. Thus, certain experiments could only be conducted in an environment such as Stryker's where volunteers have nothing to lose. John Dee volunteered for experiments in ESP through a machine called the Materioptikon. Dee became obsessed with it and overloaded his mind. He then gained the power of dream manipulation. During a riot, Dee escaped but was later defeated by Batman and returned in a catatonic state. Riots are common on Stryker's and dealt with in an efficient manner. However, only on two occassions was the Island attacked from the outside. The Justice League set up a trap to lure the Justice Lords into the open. In exchange for a pardon, Luthor gave the Power Disrupter to the League, which they used to defeat the Lords. Part of Stryker's was damaged in the confrontation, including the warden's office. Months later, Giganta and Bizarro stormed Stryker's to free Grodd. Wonder Woman and Longshadow intervened and defeated the duo.