Smallville, Kansas

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (STAS): The Last Son of Krypton Part Two, Part Three, Mxyzpixilated, The Late Mr. Kent, Little Girl Lost Part One, New Kids In Town, Unity, and Legacy Part One
Appearances (JL/U): Only A Dream Part Two, A Better World Part One, Comfort and Joy, and Fearful Symmetry
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Smallville is small farming town in the state of Kansas. Just outside of Smallville is Pop's Coffee Shop, a popular way station of truckers and high school students. "A Peaceful Community," Smallville was founded in 1850 and is known for its idealistic characterization of the American Way, Kansas is also notorious for being the "middle of nowhere." It is home to generations of the Kent family, located where it dead ends on State Road 7. While driving at night, Jonathan and Martha Kent saw the Kryptonian lifeboat that held Kal-El. Martha Kent was instantly in love in the baby and named him Clark after her maiden name.

Brainiac soon arrived from the distant future intent on killing a teenage Clark Kent before he became Superman. However, a unit from the Legion of Superheroes followed and arrived 5 miles outside of Smallville. They managed to inspire Kent to fight back. After Brainiac was destroyed, Saturn Girl erased the memories of everyone in Smallville and made everyone think a twister was the source of all the destruction caused by Brainiac. Soon after, Kent adopted a pair of reading glasses. With no memory of what just happened, he began to discover his super powers again and was privy to the lifeboat he arrived in. Shocked and confused by it and its contents, Kent eventually accepted and continuted on with his life.

Years later, when the pressures of being Superman were too great, Kent returns to Smallville to gather himself and seek advice from his parents. In one instance, when Kent was visiting home, Mr. Mxyzptlk arrived and turned Jonathan and Martha into beasts. Some time later, Superman discovered Kara In-Ze and decided to revive her and she was to live in Smallville. There, she would have a similar upbringing as he once had. However, In-Ze was eager to leave Smallville and join Superman as another hero. After helping stop one of Darkseid's plans, she frequented between Metropolis and Smallville as Clark Kent's cousin. However, Supergirl was once needed in Smallville when a pair of aliens called Unity infiltrated and took over the townspeople. Together, Superman and Supergirl destroyed Unity.

On one Christmas, Clark Kent returned to Smallville with J'onn Jonzz to teach him the spirit of the holidays. From Smallville, Jonzz received his first true experience of the human condition. While exploring the town, Jonzz took the human guise of would be later referred to as John Jones. Now a full-time member of the Justice League, Supergirl continued to live in Smallville. A series of vivid nightmares began to haunt her and cause In-Ze to unconsciously use her Heat Vision and damage the Kent home. A testament to Pa Kent's patience, Supergirl eventually brought the matter to Jonzz' attention. Supergirl, Green Arrow, and the Question then unraveled the mystery and discovered Supergirl was cloned and shared a psychic link with it.