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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JLU): Chaos At The Earth's Core
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Located in the Earth's core, Skartaris is a lost world of unrivaled beauty. Due to its location, the flow of time is slowed down, there is never a sunset, and dinosaurs roam the landscape. Several Atlanteans colonized Skartaris but a nuclear war between the two ended their harmony. Most of the survivors were mutated into Lizard Men. Life on Skartaris essentially started over again and kingdoms began to form. Magic became the dominant source of power among the people. The Monks of the Tabernacle housed the Great Stone, a rock with magical properties of life and death. The Great Stone is actually the largest piece of Kryptonite to have landed on Earth. The most hostile inhabitant of Skartaris is the wizard, Deimos.

Forced to crash land his plane during a mission, Travis Morgan ended up in Skartaris and took the title of Warlord. He wed a woman named Tara and led her people. They were soon joined by Morgan's daughter, Jennifer, who became a powerful witch. Years later, Metallo and Silver Banshee arrived in search of the Kryptonite. In exchange for providing weapons, the duo would be allowed to take the Great Stone. In search of aid, Jennifer Morgan summoned a Javelin inhabited by Green Lantern, Supergirl, Stripe, and Stargirl. They soon discovered Skartaris' sun was red and stripped Supergirl of her powers. The last stand against Deimos' conquest took place at the Tabernacle. Supergirl and Stargirl neutralized Metallo while Warlord fought his final battle with Deimos and killed him. The Justice League offered Warlord the chance to return to te outside world but he declined, admitting that Skartaris was his home. After returning to Earth, they sealed the entrance to Skartaris and prevent any other villains from entering.