Seaboard City

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JL): Legends Part One and Part Two
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In a parallel universe, Seaboard City exists and is home to the Justice Guild of America. Some famous attractions are the Music Center, Museum of Flying, and the Claycourt Tournament. The adventures of the Guild managed to resonate the subconscious of writers and artists in the central universe resulting in a JGA comic book. Over time, the Guild was rivaled by the Injustice Guild, composed of Music Master, Sportsman, Dr. Blizzard, and Sir Swami.

At the height of the Cold War era, tensions rose and a nuclear war broke out. The Justice Gild sacrificed themselves at this time and headstones were erected for each member in Seaboard City. The nuclear fallout devastated the world and mutated one resident of Seaboard, Ray Thompson. He used his powers to fabricate reality and restore Seaboard City to its former glory. The other residents played along in fear of Thompson. 40 years later, Seaboard was visited by Green Lantern, the Flash, J'onn Jonzz, and Hawkgirl. After they pieced together the truth, the Guild decided to sacrifice themselves again and defeated Thompson. The illusion ended and the people of Seaboard thanked the League. They vowed to rebuild their world and take responsibility for what happened. The League salvaged Tom Turbine's transdimensional gateway and returned home.