Rome, Italy

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JLU): Destroyer
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Rome is the capitol of Italy since 1870 and has long held the distinction of being an important cultural center in Europe. It has been the home of various authorities past and present; the Emperor of the Roman Empire, the Italian government, and the Vatican. According to legend, Rome was founded on April 21, 753 B.C. by the twins Romulus and Remus. After an argument, Romulus killed Remus and named the city after himself. The date of founding is still up to debate but it is believed that kings established the Roman Kingdom. It slowly grew as military campaigns, cultural assimilation, and economic success grew. The fall of the Roman Empire led a period of turmoil until fascism took power in 1922, headed by Mussolini. Rome was one of the few European cities spared by the devastation of the two World Wars.

Besides the Vatican, one of the other famous tourist attractions is the Roman Coliseum. It once was the site of sport between men and beast. At an unspecified time, Chronos stole the entire Coliseum and brought it to Neo Gotham. He then stole the Elkhorn Jailhouse and placed it in the center of the Coliseum. Despite rumors, this was the only place that Chronos slept. After this was revealed by his wife, Enid Clinton, to the Justice League Unlimited, the final showdown took place there. The League battled Chronos' elite squad of Jokerz but as the space-time continuum began to unravel, several British soldiers and a Mammoth briefly appeared. After Batman reset time, this event ceased to take place in the timeline and the Coliseum returned to Rome. Months later, Rome was one of the sites selected by Darkseid to be turned into a fire pit and facilitate Apokolips' unique geography on Earth. A unit from the League and Legion of Doom, including Black Canary, Green Arrow, Dr. Light, and Toyman, arrived to do battle near the Coliseum.