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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JL): The Terror Beyond Part Two
Powers/Skills: Extradimensional Physics
Voiced By: Not Applicable

R'lyeh, also known as Relex, is the nightmarish city of Icthulhu and his horde. In legend, it is believed to be underwater in the Pacific Ocean near the pole of inaccessibility, the farthest point away from land. In truth, R'lyeh is a dimension where they were banished to by King Poseidon. The landscape is riddled with a bizarre architecture that defies Euclidean geometry and the laws of physics.

After fissures began to appear, the Old Ones escaped R'lyeh and invaded Earth once again. Dr. Fate and Aquaman formed an alliance to use Solomon Grundy to reseal R'lyeh again. However, the Justice League arrived and demanded answers to the strange outbreaks of beasts. After adopting a more daring plan, the rag tag unit ventured into R'lyeh to defeat Icthulhu once and for all. Solomon Grundy confronted Icthulhu and weakened him enough for Hawkgirl to kill it. At the same time, the hordes of Old Ones retreated back into the dimension away from Aquaman. Aquaman, Superman, and Wonder Woman then resealed R'lyeh from the inside.