Nanda Parbat

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JLU): Dead Reckoning
Powers/Skills: Time Dilation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Inspired by the goddess Rama Kushna, a man named Jonah founded a hidden city called Nanda Parbat in the Himalayan Mountains above Tibet. It acts as a sanctuary for those who want only peace and enlightenment. Rama Kushna looks over Nanda Parbat and evokes her power over it. As a result, the flow of time is slowed down. Inhabitants can live there for decades and retain their age. Upon leaving, they find that very little time has passed in the outside world. The source of this supernatural phenomenon appears to also come from a talisman called the Heart of Nanda Parbat.

Some time in the late 20th century, Bruce Wayne journeyed to Nanda Parbat and studied martial arts under the Master. Soon after, Wayne returned to Gotham City and became Batman. About two decades later, Deadman's spirit made a new residence in Nanda Parbat and often communicated with the Master despite the fact that Deadman couldn't communicate with humans unless he possessed a body. In search of an exotic power source, a unit from the Legion of Doom (that included Lex Luthor, Devil Ray, Tala, Atomic Skull, Rampage, and Bizarro) was sent to Nanda Parbat to steal the Heart. Deadman intervened but watched as the residents of Nanda Parbat were killed. However, after the Heart was destroyed by Superman, the people of Nanda Parbat were resurrected.

It appears that Wayne visited Nanda Parbat at least one more time, in the 2050's. He hesistantly left McGinnis to patrol Neo Gotham alone. His hunch paid off when Inque resurfaced.