Midway City, Michigan

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JLU): Ancient History
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Midway City is a city located in the northern part of Michigan, near the border of Canada. In 1618, Etienne Brule, a French explorer, established a trading post on the North Channel coast. The main staple was furs. The post eventually expanded into a territory that was renamed Brule's Landing in 1620. By the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution transformed the town and it was renamed Midway City.

Today, Midway City Museum is curated by Carter Hall and soon was protected by Hawkman. On one occassion, Hawkman teamed up with Green Lantern to apprehend Gentleman Ghost. Soon after, Shadow Thief exposed Hawkgirl, Hawkman, and Green Lantern to the Absorbacron in the Midway City Museum. Afterwards, the badly injured Vixen was rescued and Shadow Thief was absorbed by Hawkman.