Lexor City

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JLU): Clash
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Lexor City was a legitimate project created and paid for by Lex Luthor. In accord with Cadmus, Luthor funneled $75 million of his money into forcing Superman's wrath. Lexor City was part of it. On the outside, it was part of his vision to create a safe and inviting community in Metropolis for low income families. Lexor City would be filled with state of the art modern housing and a cheap and unlimited power source. One of the known buildings in Lexor City was Lena Luthor Memorial Hospital. It is unknown if this refers to a sister or daughter of Luthor's. Unknown to all, the City's power generator's source was Kryptonite.

Luthor publicly invited Superman to the City's opening ceremony to help draw attention to it. Despite his mistrust, Superman agreed and appeared side by side with Luthor. Later in the night, as he heard a conversation between Luthor and Mercy Graves, Superman began to scan the city with X-Ray Vision and discovered the Kryptonite generator. Fearing it was a weapon, Superman evacuated the City and tried to drill underground. Captain Marvel tried to pacify him but it only led to a battle between the two heroes. All of it was captured on television and recorded by the press. After defeating Marvel, Superman melted the generator. The Atom came in and ran a test to confirm it was a simple generator. Humiliated, Superman apologized and offered for the Justice League to pay for rebuilding the City. Playing into his hands, Luthor sadly declined and vowed to rebuild it with his money.

It appears that the Justice League later took over the land that Lexor City resided over and constructed their Metrotower there. Although unconfirmed, the land looks to be slightly offshore of Metropolis.