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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (STAS): The Last Son of Krypton Part Two, Part Three, A Little Piece of Home, The Way of All Flesh, Stolen Memories, The Main Man Part One, My Girl, Identity Crisis, Target, Ghost In The Machine, Brave New Metropolis, World's Finest Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Prototype, Apokolips...Now! Part One, Part Two, Legacy Part One, and Part Two
Appearances (JL/U): Injustice For All Part One, Tabula Rasa Part One, Part Two, Only A Dream Part Two, The Return, Task Force X, Question Authority, Flashpoint, Panic In The Sky, and Divided We Fall
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

LexCorp Industries was formed as an aerospace engineering firm and over the years, it became one of the world's most highly diversified multinational conglomerates. Under the leadership and management of Lex Luthor, LexCorp began a campaign of hostile takeovers of small businesses while still based in the top floor offices of the Daily Planet. Inter-Continental Airlines, Atlantic Coast Air Systems, and Southwestern Petroleum were the first to be bought out and restructured as LexCorp subsidiaries. After selling the low margin Daily Planet, LexCorp moved into media and finance markets.

Now headquartered in a 96 story, L-shaped building, LexCorp was essentially in control of Metropolis' commerce. Either directly or indirectly, residents of Metropolis worked for LexCorp. Divisions began appearing across America in Los Angeles, Denver, Houston, New Orleans, Chicago, Gotham City, and Boston in the form of research facilities, manufacturing plants, and technology laboratories. The subsidiaries, divisions, and offshoots often bear the Lex name, including LexCorp Laboratories, LexLabs, Luthor Waterfront Towers, Its only business rivals are Wayne Enterprises and S.T.A.R. Labs.

Unlike Wayne Enterprises, LexCorp builds weapons and holds defense contracts with the Pentagon. A billion dollar project yielded the prototype LexoSuit-5000. Luthor planned to have it stolen by an attache from Kaznia and as a measure of escalation, the Pentagon would order a mass-produced line from LexCorp resulting in a lucrative profit margin. Superman's interference prevented this plan from coming to fruition. Weeks later, LexLabs confirmed Kryptonite samples could be used to weaken Superman. Luthor lured Superman to a trap set in a construction site of Luthor Waterfront Towers and later the Lex Luthor Museum. Both attempts failed to kill the superhero. Luthor then used LexCorp facilities to create Metallo but he turned and tried to kill both his benefactor and target.

Utilizing LexCorp satellites, Luthor was able to make contact with Brainiac in space. Intrigued, Brainiac arrived on Earth to meet him. In an exchange of knowledge, Brainiac soon learned about Superman and focused on swaying him to its side. When Superman learned the truth about Brainiac, he destroyed it but not before a copy was planted within LexCorp's mainframe. Soon after, another alien caused grief for LexCorp. Lobo and Superman's battle in Metropolis spilled through the main LexCorp building twice. Around the same time, a deal was about to finalize for the sale of a stockpile of weapons at a LexCorp Lead & Alloy plant. Superman arrived and confronted Luthor's contact, Mr. Eelan. The LexCorp plant was a total loss but most likely insured. After months of trial and error, DNA of Superman collected from the Lex Luthor Museum was used to create a clone. The lab was hidden outside of Metropolis in a mountain compound accessible only by helicopter. When the cloning process failed and Lois Lane and Superman arrived, Luthor activated a half a kiloton of explosives to destroy the lab.

Edward Lytener used to work for LexCorp but was fired when it was discovered he was one of Lois Lane's informants. Lytener stole LexCorp inventory and used it to create weapons powered by solar radiation from the red spectrum. When it became evident the red spectrum weakened Superman, Luthor gave Lytener access to LexCorp Satellite Communications to create a mass effect. The satellite was destroyed but Luthor was able to retain data on the red spectrum technology. Before he could put it to use, Brainiac reactivated and begun reconstructing itself in LexCorp Sector Six's Research and Development Lab. Unable to put the finishing touches on its new body, Brainiac sabotaged the new LexCorp Sky Sentry to lure Luthor to the lab. It then forced him to complete it but Superman and Mercy Graves arrived to investigate. Ironically, the Sky Sentry was used to magnetize Brainiac and destroy it. Because the body was made from LexCorp inventory, Luthor had the right to confiscate it.

In a surprise move, Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp teamed up to create the WayneLex T7 robot. However, its implentation was never agreed on. Bruce Wayne wanted it to be used for unmanned space travel while Luthor wanted to sell it to the Pentagon as a weapon. Around the same time, the Joker was hired to kill Superman and given access to a LexCorp facility to stage a death trap. Lois Lane was kidnapped and used for bait. The ruse would have worked if not for Batman's arrival and quick thinking to use a can of hydrochloric acid to dissolve the Joker's Kryptonite. Out for revenge, the Joker stole the Lexwing from a LexCorp hangar and proceeded to destroy everything Luthor built, namely Metropolis. Batman and Superman intervened and ended the Joker's mad vendetta. Perhaps born from the idea of the Lexosuit, LexCorp soon unveiled its Series Alpha Police Battlesuit, designed to turn the Metropolis Police Department into an army of Supermen. The nervous system integration proved to be problematic and turned the prototype's tester insane with power.

Over a year later, the Justice League instigated an undercover operation to implicate Luthor as a criminal. J'onn Jonzz shapeshifted himself into Superman and confronted Luthor in his office atop the LexCorp Tower. When sufficient evidence was recorded, the League revealed themselves. However, Luthor escaped and blew up his office. Soon after, he suffered a seizure from prolonged exposure from Kryptonite. Convicted and dying, Luthor left control of LexCorp in the hands of his assistant, Mercy Graves. She went to work downsizing operations and laying off employees to save money, including that of the late Professor Ivo. Unable to free herself of Luthor's influence, she supplied him with a lead-lined LexCorp harbor warehouse. It would later be used by Dr. Destiny and Cadmus' Task Force X for a staging area.

After being pardoned by the President of the United States, Luthor resumed the position of CEO of LexCorp and worked in tandem with Cadmus. He secretly shipped Cadmus' technology to LexCorp and used Ivo's schematics to build himself a body based on AMAZO. Batman tried to stop him alone, but Luthor simply threw him out a window. Amanda Waller, head of Cadmus, and the founding members of the Justice League confronted him, only to witness the appearance of Brainiac from within him. The duo then assimilated Luthor's LexCorp office into a giant skull ship to distract the League while they escaped. With Luthor a criminal and missing, the status of LexCorp is unknown. Graves either resumed control, it was liquidated and sold off, or bought out by another firm.