Kuruhara, Japan

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): Night of the Ninja
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Kuruhawa is a city located in Japan. Overshadowing it is Mount Kajiki, an active volcano. In the 15th century, a martial artist created the kiba-no-hoko technique. After he deemed it too dangerous, he wrote down the technique and hid in one of the 1000 caverns of Kajiki. The secret location was passed down to his son, and to each successive generation. Nearly 500 years later, the great great great grandson, Yoru became the latest guardian of the secret. Yoru-sensei led a dojo outside of Kuruhara, placing the city between it and Mount Kajiki. His top student was Kyodai Ken but he turned to the way of the ninja and left the dojo in disgrace. One of Yoru's other students at the time, was Bruce Wayne. He was undergoing his global journey to hone his body, mind, and soul.

Ken settled in Kuruhara's Uramachi District at an address of 563 Tezuka and phone number of 555-0311. He earned a living as the Ninja and took assignments for the yakuza underworld. In the 1990's, he returned to Kuruhara after being defeated by Bruce Wayne in Gotham City. Ken kidnapped Yoru's latest star student, Kairi Tanaga, and held her for ransom. Yoru agreed to tell him the secret location of the kiba scroll but enlisted Bruce Wayne and Batman to deliver it to the Ninja. After rescuing Tanaga, Batman fruitfully chased the Ninja through Kuruhara's rooftops. After Ken stole a scroll fragment, he kidnapped Alfred Pennyworth at an open market and lured Wayne out for a final battle. Around the same time, a monitoring station detected dangerous temblors and issued the order to evacuate Kuruhara and the nearby area. As Batman and the Ninja fought, Kajiki erupted and the battle reached its climax when the Ninja accepted death.