Kumasi, Ghana

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Appearances (SS): Static in Africa
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In 1695, Kumasi became the capital of the Ashanti Confederacy. By 1701, the Ashanti people became the dominant ethnic group. According to legend, Okomfo Anokye, co-founder of the Empire of Ashanti, received the Golden stool. It remains as an important symbol of the Ashanti. In the Third Anglo-Ashanti War of 1874, the British destroyed most of the city but it endured.

In modern times, Kumasi is the second largest city of Ghana and has the nickname of "The Garden City," after its multitude of flowers. It thrives on its large gold deposits, hardwood, and cocoa. Kumasi also serves as a major tourist attraction with locales such as the Kumasi Central Market, Kumasi Hat Museum, Prempeh II Jubilee Museum, Asantehene's Palace, and the Manhiya Palace. It also has some western influence, including at least one Burger Fool location. In the early 20th century, Dr. Anokye discovered a map of ancient Kumasi that revealed the location of a long lost Ashanti palace. Around the same time, Anokye and the Hawkins Family took Train 3 from Accra northwest to Kumasi. However, it was attacked by Osebo and the villain stole the map. Anansi the Spider regrouped with Static and they went to the Akosombo Dam to stop Osebo.