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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (STAS): The Last Son of Krypton Part One, Part Two, Stolen Memories, Blasts From The Past Part One, and Bizarro's World
Appearances (JLU): For The Man Who Has Everything
Appearances (JLI Comics): The Mirror Crack'd Part Two (Earth-D only)
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The planet Krypton was born six billion years ago in the Xeno Galaxy in a solar system inhabited by a red sun later named Rao. Thousands of years later, sentient life evolved and led the way to a renowned intellectual society. The planet was conquered by the Vrangs until a Kryptonian named Hatu-El led a successful rebellion. Krypton prospered into an advanced scientific civilization but had its share of internal military conflicts. Unknown until generations later, the uranium core of the planet was becoming increasingly unstable and built up in pressure. According to the Green Lantern Corps, Krypton exists in Space Sector 2813.

The continent of Lurvan is the largest land mass and the most populated of Krypton. The three major cities are located here: Argos City, Kandor, and Kryptonopolis. Kandor is considered Krypton's capital city and has a population of seven million. Four known scientific establishments in the city are Jor-El's laboratory, the Council, the Seismic Institute, and a database that houses the Brainiac system. One of the many tools at Jor-El's disposal is a Macroscope atop his laboratory's roof. The Kandor Skyway, Krypton's highway system, leads out to at least as far as the Gold Volcano. The Gold Volcano erupts pure gold because it makes up most of the sub-crustal magma of the planet.

Jor-El soon discovered the dangerously unstable core and conducted a geological survey in the northern polar region of Krypton to gather proof of his claim. However, Brainiac dismissed his conclusions, and thus the Council did. Unable to let go, Jor-El entered Brainiac's database and learned the truth. The AI was downloading itself into a satellite and planned to launch into space before Krypton imploded. Jor-El barely escaped with his life and made preparations for one last ditch plan: sending his son, Kal-El, into space. He launched the lifeboat just in time, however, several radiated pieces of Krypton followed the lifeboat in hyperspace. It would later be called Kryptonite and be one of Superman's few physical weaknesses. Decades later, on Earth, a new breed of rose was named Krypton.

Near Superman's birthday, Mongul teleported the Black Mercy into the Fortress of Solitude where Superman was attached to it. The heart's desire the Black Mercy fed Superman was what his life on Krypton would have been if not for the implosion. Kal-El lived outside of Krypton on a farm with his wife Loana, son Van, and pet dog Krypto. Jor-El continued his research in Kandor and Argos City celebrated the grand opening of the Museum of Modern Art. Batman managed to loosen the Black Mercy enough and coax it off. After saying goodbye to Van-El, Superman left and Krypton imploded again.