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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JL/U): Maid of Honor Part One, Part Two, and Hawk and Dove
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Kaznia is a European country located near the Balkan region and northern Serbia. Its exact coordinates are 45 Degrees 9'8" North, 19 Degrees 58'13" East. The national flag has only two colors: black and red and features one star. The political organization is a monarchy, with ties to the Eastern Orthodox Christianity, but it appears that opposition parties in its parliament, corrupt officials, and indigenous tribes are the source of massive destabilization.

For several years in the 20th century, the Regent of Kaznia seized power and ruled through terror. The Regent's elite squad of terrorists killed any political enemies. As a result of the political ideology, the United States places a trade embargo on the nation. In a two part plan, Lex Luthor made an arrangement to allow the Regent's squad to sail to Metropolis and stage a theft of his LexoSuit 5000. As a result, the Pentagon would fear Kaznia's military advantage and order a mass-produced line of suits from LexCorp. The plan failed when Superman defeated the Regent's squad, led by John Corben.

Around the same time, an opposition party made a deal with the Penguin, Rupert Thorne, and Carlton Duquesne to make and deliver arms to them, including a EK4 Laser, Plasma Rifle, and Surface to Air Missile Launchers. Due to sabotage conducted by a Batwoman and the increased attention of Batman, Bane was brought in to manage the final stages of the weapons deal. When the weapons were to be secretly delivered aboard the S.S. Naiad, a final confrontation was staged. The villains were defeated and the Naiad and weapons were destroyed.

Over the next couple of years, King Gustev managed to regain control of Kaznia and neutralized most of the opposition. He then put great effort into winning the approval of the international community while continuing to agitate Kaznians. Gustev financed the majority of a project for the International Space Station and enlisted his soon-to-be son-in-law, Vandal Savage to oversee it. Savage quickly won the loyalty of the Kaznian elite guard and used them to steal classified weapons technology that would be used to weaponize the space platform. When Savage was ready to strike, he poisoned King Gustev and manipulated his fiancee into marriage. An Orthodox bishop married them just as Wonder Woman arrived to object. Savage reacted in kind by tasering her into submission. After the wedding, he usurped power and issued his demands to the world. Savage was soon defeated by the Justice League. Queen Audrey II then took over Kaznia since Gustev was no longer physically and mentally able to rule.

Audrey had her work cut out for her and failed to reign control over the various terrorist factions. Although there were rumors of Kaznian terrorists attacking Washington D.C. in the summer, they were eclipsed by the arrival of the Thanagarians. After their plans were defeated by the Justice League, the stability in Kaznia declined further. The Northern indigenous tribes, led by Nardoc, were in a deadlock against the Southern military faction. After accepting the Annihilator from a mysterious benefactor, Nardoc stormed Kaznia until his tribe took back the land that he felt was rightfully owned by his people. Enraged, Nardoc's benefactor revealed himself as Ares and killed him. Ares then assumed Nardoc's form and commanded the North to attack the Southern faction at their base camp. Queen Audrey II requested aid from the Justice League Unlimited to end this conflict. J'onn Jonzz assigned Wonder Woman, Hawk, and Dove to Kaznia. Meanwhile, Project Cadmus also kept tabs on the nation and marked it in a file called Kaznian Crisis [pos.] most likely out of Tala's interest in the Annihilator.

The trio managed to broker a ceasefire after Ares revealed himself. Months after this event, the civil war ended and Kaznia was unified and democratized. It was then allowed to join the European Union. As a result, the national currency needed to be exchanged for Euros. 100 million in newly minted Euros were to be transported by rail to Kaznia. The Legion of Doom planned a smash-and-grab operation mostly as a gesture by Lex Luthor to squash any insurgency efforts. Tala, Sinestro, and Dr. Polaris were the main agents to conduct the theft. However, the Flash and Lex Luthor switched consciousnesses due to an attempt by Dr. Fate to locate the Citadel of Doom. Mr. Terrific received a mysterious call and quickly assigned Steel, Dr. Light, and Ice to investigate the Euro train. After the Legion escaped, the Euros were most likely delivered by the League to Kaznia.

In the 2050's, Kaznia is on the verge of war with neighboring countries. With six armored divisions on their borders, a Kaznian official named Vilmos Egan made a secret deal with Derek Powers to purchase a DNA mutagen to use as a biological weapon. He personally flew to Neo Gotham to finalize the deal with Powers. The conversation was listened to by Terry McGinnis after he stole the Batsuit from the Batcave. The shipment was then disrupted and sunk into the Gotham Bay. On a lighter note, the legacy of Audrey II is honored at least in part in the form of the Princess Audrey Collection last seen at Neo Gotham auction house.