The Hub

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (TZP): Hunt in the Hub
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Hub is the central transit nexus for the United States of America. Strategically based in the midwest, the Hub feeds into every major hover rail route and also offers hyper flight transportation for international travel to places like Nairobi, Africa. The Hub, itself, is a giant complex that is reminiscent of a major airport, mall, and rest stop conglomerate. As per security protocol, all visitors must have credits or they will be considered a threat. The security team also uses coded phrases to communicate and not entertain concern from patrons. Tiberius is used as code for sabotage. Several fast food franchises are in operation, notably Bot Burger in Section L. Security and Weather Control are located in Sub-Level 1.

Dr. Boyle, former member of the Zeta Project, followed Zeta's exploits and hatched a scheme to use him to further his own funding. Boyle posted a false feed online that he would be changing planes at the Hub at Sector M, Gate 387. He planted a credit jammer on Zeta and forced him to steal various components while he hid in an Executive Lounge. However, Zeta and Ro eventually got the drop on him near the Level G Supply Room. After Boyle freed Zeta from the jammer, Ro Rowan planted a transmitter on his back. The duo then left the Hub on a first class flight, posing as a jazz musician.