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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JL/U): The Savage Time Part One, Hereafter Part One, Part Two, The Once and Future Thing Part One, and Part Two
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Hypertime is the collective intersection between the Multiverse and the space-time continuum. It is believed that events that happen in the main timeline cause a ripple effect felt across Hypertime and influences events that happen in other universes. Timelines can often intersect and result in a change in history both minor or major.

In the 21st century, Vandal Savage created a time tunnel and reached out his 1940's self. As a result, the world changed and was now under his rule. The Justice League happened to be returning and were protected by Green Lantern's personal force field. They landed on Earth and interacted with Bruce Wayne, who was now a rebel leader. After going into the past and defeating Savage, this timeline ceased to exist and the main timeline returned.

As part of a revenge plot, Toyman constructed what he thought was a death ray. Instead it was an energized takion stream that shifted Superman 5000 years into a post apocalyptic Earth. After returning back to the present, the Justice League stopped Vandal Savage from stealing white dwarf star matter from Dr. Ray Palmer. As a result, the future 5000 years from now was replaced by a utopian civilization.

In the 2050's, Dr. David Clinton returned to his home and took over the world with future technology. After destroying the Justice League, he began to steal historical artifacts. His actions began to pollute the time stream and unhinge the continuum. As a result, the fabric of reality began to degrade at an exponential rate. Batman and Green Lantern pursued Clinton to the beginning of time and reset time through his Chronos Belt. Batman and Green Lantern found themselves back in the Watchtower just before they confronted Clinton. They alone retained knowledge of the ordeal they went through.